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Do not download this Chrome, Microsoft Edge update, you can get stuck in trouble



Do you also get notifications for downloading updates on your Google Chrome browser? If yes, then immediately close that page and in any case avoid clicking on the download button. This is because these days new ransomware (a type of malware) is spreading rapidly through malicious websites. It makes all the data on your personal computer as if it is of no use to you. You can get your data back only after paying the ransom i.e. the requested amount. At present, this problem is on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Magniber Ransomware is back again

According to the report of, Magniber Ransomware is back again. Earlier it used to make innocent people its prey through the Internet Explorer browser. Attackers are now using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for this purpose. This ransomware works just like it did before.

Update Chrome” or “Update Edge” button

According to the information, this malware is sent through phase (fake) web pages in the name of a new update of Chrome or Edge browser. If the user clicks on the “Update Chrome” or “Update Edge” button, the page downloads a browser extension of type .appx. After installing it, the program starts running in the background.

Malicious files start getting encrypted in the background on your window screen, which is not even known to any user. Once this encryption is complete, you will get a ransom note on Notepad. It is said that until you do not pay the ransom, you will not be able to access any file on your computer.

How to Avoid?:

Here are some precautions you can take to avoid this kind of ransomware in the future. For example, never download “update packages” from other or unknown websites to your Chrome or Edge browser. Chrome and Edge may also automatically update from the server. So there is no need for manual updating. According to tech experts, hackers generally lure common people into their trap by pretending to download updates through fake pages. Also, always keep your data backed up on a cloud store or physical external storage.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge users should avoid downloading updates from malicious websites. This is because from there Magnibar Ransomware is spreading rapidly.

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