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Don’t have the iPhone 13? Here’s how to shoot macro photos on older iPhones



iPhone 13

Apple announced the new iPhone 13 series earlier last month and the Pro models of the series come with some amazing camera improvements over the previous generations. One such improvement is “Macro Mode” in the camera which has been missing from iPhones until now. But it’s limited only to the 13 Pro series, so what about those who have older iPhones? Thankfully there are a couple of ways that one can use to get the iPhone 13 Pro “Macro Mode” on older iPhones.

Halide Mark II – Pro Camera, referred to simply as Halide, is the most popular and feature expansive photography app available on the iPhone. It unlocks a number of photographic doors Apple’s standard camera app leads you into thinking are impossible – including taking macro-level photography on older iPhone models prior to the 13 series.

The feature is available on all iPhones with a Neural Engine, including the ‌iPhone‌ 8 and newer. The feature is available as a free update for all existing users. For new users, the Halide app is priced at $2.99 per month or $11.99 per year, or $49.99 as a one-time purchase.

To shoot in macro:

1) Download the Halide app from the app store
2) Press the AF (autofocus) button to trigger manual focus on.
3) Select the flower icon in the bottom lefthand corner.
4) Bring your phone up close and personal to the subject in preparation of the shot
5) Adjust the focus sensors using the slider bar across the bottom of the viewfinder.

Once the lens has focused on the subject, tap the shutter to take the shot or begin capturing video. If you’re shooting a video, tap the shutter button again to finish.

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Halide’s 2.5 update doesn’t just add support for the iPhone 13 Pro’s existing macro feature that Apple made. It takes things a step further and adds a macro mode for older iPhones, too, using Apple’s Neural Engine for “AI-based detail enhancement,” which uses a neural network to squeeze extra detail out of the close-up shot, even when you crop in.

To use Macro Mode in Halide, you’ll first need to update your version of the app to Halide 2.5 from the App Store. Then, tap the “AF” button to toggle off autofocus, which brings up the manual focus menu, where you’ll be able to tap a new flower icon to enable Macro Mode.

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