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Dr. Fone System Repair Review- Fixing Phone Stuck on Apple Logo Easily



Your heart must have skipped a beat when you are left with your precious iPhone stuck on Apple logo and now you can only see all your money going down the drain. This happens when your phone has a problem with the operating system or hardware. The situation worsens when you can’t decipher what is the real problem or whether it can be fixed or not. Resetting the iPhone or plugging into iTunes has also resulted in zero success.

If all these situations seem familiar then worry not because today’s article is for you where we have a perfect authentic solution, when you have your phone stuck on Apple logo.

Before jumping on the solution let’s answer your question that why ‘my iPhone is stuck on Apple logo in the first place?’ When you switch on your iPhone it runs several processes I.e. turn on its processor, check memory, set up internal components, check emails, apps’ functioning, etc. This all happens behind that Apple logo screen. But when something goes wrong in this startup routine your phone will remain still on the Apple logo only. Looking dead and helpless forever.

Solution: Now coming back to the solution when you just want your phone to start functioning again without losing all your important data. Then, your best shot here will be to try iOS system recovery tool, such as Dr. Fone System Repair. From guaranteeing to fix your device professionally to no damage to data, Dr. Fone System Repair is one of the safest solutions that can save you from the trauma of losing your beloved iPhone.

Let’s learn more about this trendiest solution below:

What is Dr. Fone?

Dr. Fone, by-product of Wondershare, is an extensive software that can assist in managing data on your iOS and Android devices. Dr. Fone was initially released in 2015 after which it went through several updates to become the best data recovery app in 2019. The app is not only the haven for data retrieval rather it can assist in backing up, transferring, and managing data in the professional way.

What is Dr. Fone System Repair?

Dr. Fone System Repair is a tool within Dr. Fone, which is designed to provide a reliable platform to get all your iPhone or Android system issues fixed including ‘ iPhone stuck on apple logo white screen, iPhone frozen, iPhone keep restarting, etc. The best thing about this app is that it can fix almost all system issues without any mishap of data loss or damage to the device.

The Dr.Fone iOS system repair tool has two options: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode, which you can choose based on your problem. The iOS version is also capable to downgrade iOS without using iTunes.

The system bugs that Dr. Fone System Repair can fix include fixing the stuck issue, white screen, black screen, boot loop and so much more. The system is powerful enough to support over a thousand different brands and models of devices, which is updated regularly. So you do not have to worry whether you have your iPhone 6 stuck on the apple logo or 13. They are all covered.

Key Features of Dr. Fone System Repair

The killer features of Dr. Fone System Repair that we are drooling over include:

  • Fix iPhone stuck on apple logo without data loss
  • Fix your iOS to its original position with zero loss of data.
  • Highly compatible for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.
  • Can handle iOS system stuck on recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, iPhone keeps restarting, etc.
  • Competent to fix iPhone and iTunes errors such as iPhone error 4013, iTunes error 403, error 14, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9, and more.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 15 version

Plans and Pricing:

For the Pro version of Repair System Dr. Fone offers the following plans:

Quarterly License: 1-5 Mobile Devices, 1 PC at the price of $6.65 /Month. With the auto-renew option and contact the provider to cancel the service.

1 Year License: 1-5 Mobile Devices, 1 PC at the price of $4.99 /Month. No auto-renew is available.

Perpetual License: 1-5 Mobile Devices, 1 PC at $79.95.

The complete toolkit of Dr. Fone costs $139.95 which has all Dr. Fone features for iOS and Android with a 1-year license on Windows.

Dr. Fone Vs Tenorshare ReiBoot

Dr. Fone offers a comprehensive solution for all iOS and Android devices such as data recovery, data transfers, phone clone, system repair, unlock, and more. For iOS system recovery, it offers two modes: Standard and Advanced Mode.

Whereas Tenorshare ReiBoot is an iOS System Recovery and Repair Tool that can fix your iPhone issues of boot loop or phone stuck problems only.

With Dr. Fone, you can even restore data from social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat which is not available with Tenorshare. Dr. Fone is a fix-all app that takes care of all your mobile phone issues but with Tenorshare you only get a system repair option.


Whether you have your iPhone 7 stuck on the apple logo or any later model, trying Dr. Fone System Repair can be the best fit for your phone.

After our acute analysis of Dr. Fone Repair System and its comparison with its counterparts, we believe that Dr. Fone is the ideal Android and iOS system repair tool along with all the bonus features it has to offer. To repair iOS systems and even android devices Dr. Fone cannot have any competition at all. It is a significant name in the field that helps you fix your black and white screen problems in a minute.


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