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Dune movie themed rewards are available in Battlegrounds Mobile India



Battlegrounds Mobile India ties up with Dune Films

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton has announced a partnership with Denis Villeneuve’s latest sci-fi film Dune. Under this, players of Battlegrounds Mobile India will get special Dune-themed rewards. The Dune crossover will go live through the second week of November and will take place in the game’s EvoGround mode. Earlier this week, Krafton also announced its Diwali season, where Battlegrounds Mobile India players will get extra in-game credits, while also rewarding lucky spins.

A chance to win a movie-themed pan skin and a parachute

Announcing the partnership between Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Dune Movie, Krafton revealed that players will receive special rewards. Players can experience this in EvoGround mode and players will get 50 Royale Pass (RP) points for playing it five times. After playing EvoGround mode 10 and 20 times, players will be given a Dune-themed pan and parachute respectively. This partnership with Dune will go live until November 11.
Apart from this, Battlegrounds Mobile India and Godzilla vs. As part of a partnership between Kong Movie, Titans: Last Stand mode will be live until November 16. This partnership allows players to play Godzilla vs. Kong gives items related to the film. In Titans: Last Stand mode, players team up with Godzilla and Kong to fight Mechagodzilla.

The new movie mode will be live on EvoGround till November 7th

Apart from this, let us tell you that Battlegrounds Mobile India recently also announced Diwali Season Offer in India. Under this, Krafton will give extra UC to players who buy in-game credit bundles. The basic pack with 60 UC costs Rs 89. Apart from this, players will get 300 UC and 25 bonus UC in the pack of Rs 449. Similarly, players will have to spend Rs 899 for 600 UC 60 bonus UC. Rs 2,099 for 1500 UC 300 Bonus UC, Rs 4,199 for 3,000 UC 850 Bonus UC and Rs 8,500 for 6,000 UC 2,100 Bonus UC.

Apart from this, Krafton will also release Lucky Spin, in which players will get extra benefits. There will also be a discount on the lucky spin, in which 10 UC will be spent instead of 80 UC in the first draw of the day.

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