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4 quick and Easiest ways to Check Your Internet Speed



Do you know that internet connection is a human right now as it was considered an important human right in a recent post by the UN? Do you feel cheated or betrayed when you use your internet services for communicating with your loved ones, or having a corporate professional call, or accessing social media /OTT platforms, but didn’t get the speed that was promised to you by the company? What could be the reasons behind that? How can you check that the service providers have kept their word or not?  For this, you need to know how to check Internet speed.

Has your ISP delivered the data speeds you were promised? Well to know this, you have to read out this post to the end. As we will be discussing here the most effective and easiest ways to check internet speed. So don’t go anywhere and check out !!

How to Check Your Internet Speed?

Well, the internet has come a long way. Now you don’t need to keep waiting for buffering of a video, or loading of a jpeg file. We have fast-paced lives so we usually get irked whenever that loading button constantly appears on our devices, right? We don’t have that patience now that we used to have by the end of 1990. After all the internet services have evolved a lot. But recognizing the root cause of the problem is not easy :

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It could be any reason behind that –

  • router issue
  • browser issue
  • ISP problem etc

but before doing anything else, the primary and foremost thing you must do is to test your internet speed. Well, we have multiple tools for that –

1. app

For this, you have to install the app initially. If you are using iPhone or iPad then you can get this app from the app store and in case you are an android user, then move to the play store.
As it can be utilized to check the speed of both cellular data and Wi-Fi connections. It is one of the most reliable sources in order to check your internet speed. So thumbs are definitely up for this app by us. 

2. Speedcheck is another site where you can check the speed of your internet speed. You just have to visit this site and start to test the speed of your data connectivity. Just click on the start button and it will show you the download, upload speed and all other information of your internet provider.

3. Google speed test

Well, Google has left no stone unturned in order to rock in every field. So “how to test speed” can stay behind. So now Google is also offering a tool that checks your Internet connection speed directly from the browser. Just follow these simple steps to do that-

  1. Go to any web browser.
  2. Input in the search bar, and hit Enter.
  3. After opening google, type speed test and hit enter.
  4. Now in top results, you will see “Run Speed Test” and move directly to it. It will give results in 30 sec.
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Well, some security concerns are raised by users as in Google-Test,  it gets your IP address but let me tell you that As long as M-Lab and Google are getting your IP addresses is concerned, there are no real security threats here. As M-lab and Google, both are great at keeping our data safe and keeps an eye on malicious activities too.

Note :

We have discussed two techniques to test internet speed. But before that, take care of a few things so that you can have an accurate check on the internet speed your devices are getting.

Initially switch off all the uploads or downloads that are going in the background as well.

If you are accessing any VPN services then turn it off or deactivate it as well while testing the internet speed as it causes a lot of overhead to the connection.

Make sure that you are only getting traffic to the internet and nothing heavy on the board while testing internet speed so that you can get an immediate, quick, and accurate reading.

4.Ookla Speedtest

Ookla speed test needs no introduction. It is a well-known name to know the speed of the internet you are accessing. The reason is quite obvious because the company is having the maximum number of servers worldwide that why the results are most trust-worthy and perfect in each and every term.  If you even want to compare your download or upload speeds of your ISP, then it is also possible here. All you have to do is to just make an account on it and start comparing services of other networks too. Moreover, this works on both Android and iOS.

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Final Words :

If you perform occasional testing of your internet services, then it may help you out to keep a check on “Are you getting that level of service for which you are paying hard?” and it may also help you to figure out the major reason for getting interruption in your services.  Well, we hope the speed tests mentioned above will help you to understand and know how to check internet speed as you will get an appropriate reading. So go for any measures, as all are working ways and will end up in resolving your issues.




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