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Elon Musk fires around 4000 contract employees without any notice: Report



Elon Musk

In the new owners’ first week in control, thousands of Twitter employees were let go. Currently, Musk is firing a sizable number of contract workers. Around 4,400 of its 5,500 employees are expected to be impacted by this change, according to reports. Many workers have complained that their access was terminated suddenly and without warning.

No warning: According to the claims, it was only after employees lost access to the company’s email and internal communications systems that they learned they had been sacked. The most recent layoffs affected employees in content moderation, real estate, marketing, engineering, and other departments.

Layoffs at Twitter: Since Elon Musk gained control of the social media company, 50% of the employees have been let go. Earlier, Musk reportedly sacked 90% of Twitter staff in India and ordered the removal of about 3,700 workers from Twitter offices around the world.

The investigation also claimed that neither Twitter nor Musk informed supervisors of these impacted workers. Only when they could not get in touch with the workers on their official email ID did the managers learn that their team members had been fired.

Additionally, it is claimed that contractors who were fired without cause received an email from the company explaining that employment cuts were necessary as part of a “reprioritization and savings exercise.” According to the same email, the 14th of November will mark their final day of employment.

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Well, the Twitter corporate headquarters have been in disarray recently. Specifically, ever since the billionaire seized control of the microblogging platform. Several prominent Twitter executives have also left the company after Musk abruptly fired 50% of his workforce last week, shocking the entire internet sector.

Twitter has lost over half its workforce since the most recent layoffs. It is anticipated that firing staff members responsible for content moderation will result in more impersonators, scammers, and other cybersecurity problems.

Many users who paid the $8 monthly fee soon after Twitter introduced the new Blue subscription service received the blue checkmark. As a result, many impostor accounts started receiving verified mark, which confused them. Finally, Twitter had to remove the function.

In late October, Elon Musk finalized the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. Since then, he has sacked most of the top executives, the board of directors, and half of the company’s workforce. More executives who oversaw crucial teams like security last week left the company.

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