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Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter: 5 latest changes or Development made by Musk in twitter



Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk in April of this year. The world’s richest man has now finished buying the fifteenth most popular social media platform in the world after a seven-month story of irate tweets, allegations, and legal tussles.

But the games are gone, and Elon Musk must now demonstrate his ability to turn around the company’s finances in the face of mounting pressure from creditors and advertising.

Musk has announced a number of significant platform changes as part of these initiatives, including the introduction of a $8 fee for the coveted blue checkmark.

Here is all the information you require regarding what has occurred since Elon Musk took charge at Twitter and what he has stated he intends to do with the social media network.

5 Most Recent Updates or Modifications Made by Musk on Twitter

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

Moderation is key

The discussions on Twitter are currently moderated by a combination of automated and human curation; occasionally, questionable content is tagged with links to more reliable information sources, and occasionally, a user is banned for repeatedly breaking the platform’s rules on harmful or offensive speech.

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Musk has said he wants to relax Twitter’s restrictions on free speech on numerous occasions. Twitter noted an increase in hate speech in the days after he bought the business. The business claimed to have deleted 1,500 accounts connected to such posts by October 31. According to Musk, the company’s moderation practises have not changed as of yet.

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It is yet unclear how the business will move forward. Musk has discussed his idea to appoint a moderation panel to create guidelines for harassment and hate speech with civil rights leaders. Before Musk took over the company, users who had been banned would not be let back until a procedure had been established for permitting them to do so, Musk has said.

According to Stringhini, some of the people who were barred from Twitter may have turned to less well-known networks with looser speech restrictions. Once there, their social media behaviour has a tendency to turn extreme and toxic2. According to him, “we see a community that becomes more dedicated, more active, but also smaller.”

According to Stringhini, these venues are typically the origin of erroneous narratives. These narratives explode when they infiltrate popular platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Because everyone sees them and journalists write about them, he claims, “they get pushed on Twitter and go out of hand.”

Loosening Twitter’s restrictions on hate speech and inaccurate information regarding specific issues, like COVID-19, would increase the likelihood that these tweets are seen by more people.

Addressing cryptocurrency fraud

Musk stated that getting rid of “the spam and fraud bots and the bot armies that are on Twitter” would be a high goal.

The suggested remedy is for “all genuine humans” to be verified or for accounts to be explicitly linked to other forms of personal identification, such as a phone number, email address, or photo.

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Billy Markus, a co-founder of Dogecoin, has protested to Twitter’s support staff about the prevalence of giveaway cryptocurrency scams on the social media site, in which phoney Twitter identities imitate prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry or well-known public figures.

Following the announcement that Twitter will be acquired by Musk, a supporter of the cryptocurrency who even dubbed himself the “Dogefather,” the price of Dogecoin shares surged.

The algorithm for Twitter ought to be open-source

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

The algorithm, or the piece of code, will be made “open source,” or accessible to the public for review and improvement. It controls the order in which tweets are served to users.

This, according to Musk, will help avoid “behind the scenes manipulation” like promoting extensive foreign propaganda, which Facebook was said to have done during the campaign of former US President Donald Trump.

However, several analysts have complained, claiming that Musk’s plan significantly oversimplifies the process of making data public and that it creates significant privacy issues.

According to Ramesh Srinivasan, a media studies professor at the University of California, algorithms encourage participation by directing emotional reactions, which explains why nasty content is the most popular.

In order to ensure that free speech is balanced and does not lead to hate speech, Srinivasan said, “[Musk] needs to deal with the underlying engine that is the instrument of free speech.”

8 dollars for a checkmark

Twitter revealed that users can obtain the blue checkmark by subscribing to the $7.99 per month Twitter Blue service, “exactly like the celebrities, businesses, and politicians” on the network, in an update for Apple iOS devices.

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Before Musk’s purchase, a blue check mark next to an account’s name indicated that Twitter had confirmed that the person or organisation making the claim indeed belonged to it. The social media company has not yet specified how it intends to confirm users’ identities after collecting a charge from them and before awarding them with a blue check mark.

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In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter claims that subscribers would receive “half the advertising and significantly better ones.” As a thank you for helping Twitter fight bots, the firm added in the update message, “We’re going to give you half the advertisements and make them twice as relevant.”

The update states that users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom now have access to Twitter Blue with verification. Musk responded in less than a month when a user asked him when the service would be offered in India.

Response from Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, commented on the layoffs.

“Twitter users, both past and present, are tenacious and resilient. No matter how severe the situation, they will always find a way. I am aware that many are upset with me. He built the company too quickly, which is my fault for why everyone is in this predicament. I regret it,” Dorsey wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

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