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Esport gaming facility To Help You Host a Successful Event



Esports tournaments are rapidly growing in the events industry, creating a billion-dollar industry that has no sign of slowing down. As such, hosting an esports tournament in 2021 is an excellent way to join a cutting-edge niche and boost your business. However, since esports events rely heavily on tech, sourcing the venue can make or break this event arena. Here are some essential venue requirements for an esports gaming facility.

Esports Gaming Venue Requirements For Hosting a Successful Gaming Event

  1. A Room to Spare

With esports becoming a major global phenomenon, the days when teams of less than five players would gather in a room to challenge each other are long gone. Today, some of the biggest esports record more than 100,000 people’s record attendances, so the venue must be large enough for the cloud. Small venues make the players uncomfortable, as no player wants a spectator invading their personal space.

Booking an extra-large venue for an esports tournament also carries its own set of issues. For starters, the fans may struggle to watch the action, leading to frustration or boredom. Fortunately, with esports live streaming growing in popularity in 2021, fans can watch the tournament from home.

  1. A Centralized Location

Venue location is an important factor for an esports event turnout. Choose an area that’s accessible since a substantial portion of the attendees might be relying on public transportation or drop-offs to get there. No matter the attendees, se3lect a venue that’s easily accessible through public transportation and has ample parking space.

  1. The Right Internet Connection

Whether the attendees will be wagering on the event through Betway mobile sports betting or not, you’ll need high-speed internet in your venue. Remember, hundreds of gamers will be in one place, so the internet needs to be strong enough to support the digital action. Slow internet connection will frustrate the players, and the spectators will quickly lose interest in the competition.

  1. Gamer-Ready Technology
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A robust power system is among the key requirements of a good esports gaming venue. You’ll be setting up lots of electrical equipment, and you might have hundreds of players and spectators tapping in your power supply for charging their phones, computers and other gadgets. You’ll also need to ensure your tech can foster a social experience, besides offering fans the opportunity to bet on bookies like Betway.

  1. The Necessary Licensing

Video games are in the same copyright category as other audiovisual content. As such, game publishers and creators need to approve the use of their games in competitions. However, most publishers will require you to buy the license for using their games in third-party leagues and esports tournaments. After all, it’s a chance to promote their games while earning revenue.

  1. A Layout Designed For Spectators and Players

Some esports tournaments are all about people having fun, while others feature leading gamers in the world. You’ll need a check-in area that’s large enough to ensure the guests aren’t crammed. You could also leverage an event check-in application to streamline guests’ arrival and ensure the staff are ready to direct and assist any guests with tech issues.

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