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Everything you must know about online bookmakers before you start punting



Everyone who likes sports and wants to place a bet has probably had access to at least a few gambling websites. Depending on where you live, there might be several sports betting platforms that you can choose from, which shouldn’t be surprising because this hobby has millions of fans.

Experienced bettors know the things they have to check when evaluating a given bookie. Hence, they can always choose the best sports betting operator. Sadly, punters who don’t have any sports betting background might have some difficulties because they don’t know anything about those types of websites.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the important factors you must know before you start betting on sports.

Online bookmakers need a license in order to operate legally

Online gambling is a heavily regulated industry, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Most countries have gambling commissions that have to decide whether a given operator can provide its services. Choosing a legit betting site is not as easy as it may seem, but fortunately, if you check this list with bookmakers by, you will find loads of sports betting websites with a permit from some of the most reputable gambling authorities.

Depending on which regulating body issued the license, the bookie has to adhere to specific rules. For example, it may be required to offer certain types of contact methods, payment solutions, etc.

There is a good chance that you may come across sports betting websites that are not regulated. Even though they may have a fantastic sportsbook, it is not always recommended to play there because you may have problems in the long run.

Every online bookmaker uses different features that help bettors

Betting on sports from the comfort of your home is really attractive. Besides having the chance to choose from every sport in existence, almost every gambling operator has numerous features that you can put to the test.

Although every brand has a different set of options, some features can be accessed almost everywhere because they have a lot of fans. One of those options is Cash Out because it lets you settle your bet preemptively. In other words, this feature saves a lot of time, and it may also save you money if it is apparent that you won’t be able to predict your bet successfully.

Another popular feature that helps those who want to bet on live events is called Live Streaming. What’s interesting about it is that most sports betting platforms work in conjunction with industry-leading streaming services to provide their clients the chance to watch live sports matches.

Sometimes, you may find many other betting sections

Depending on your preferred gambling operator, there might be many more betting sections that you can choose from. People who visit online bookmakers want to bet on sports, but in order to survive in today’s competitive iGaming industry, some companies have to provide them with more betting opportunities.

As a result, you can often find sports betting platforms where punters can test thousands of casino games, play virtual sports, participate in lotteries, and even download and install a poker client. Usually, you won’t need to have more than one account to use the different sections, but there are some exceptions.

Almost every online bookmaker offers different odds

One of the interesting things you will notice if you check Nostrabet’s list of bookmakers is that they use different criteria to determine the odds. Consequently, you can often find a lot of differences, especially if you go to some of the most popular matches.

It is worth pointing out that some gambling operators specialize in some of the popular betting options, such as eSports. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if they offer a lot more attractive odds for this type of sport.

You may find a lot of similarities when it comes down to the available markets

One of the things that set some gambling websites apart from others is the available markets. Depending on your preferred gambling operator, you will probably have the option to choose from hundreds of markets for some of the most popular football and tennis events.

Although some sites offer unique options, most bookmakers offer the same betting markets. Of course, some brands what to set themselves apart from others, so they often change the name of a particular option. For example, instead of 1×2, you can find this betting option as FT score or End Result.

Most modern online bookies allow their clients to use different contact options

One of the things that make some gambling operators the preferred option among punters is the different contact options. Even people who have previous experience in the iGaming industry will need to contact the support team at least once, which is why some sports betting platforms pay a lot of attention to their support departments.

Live Chat is definitely the most popular contact option, but you can often find many more alternatives, such as an email, social media accounts, and more. Regardless of your preferred contact solution, try to test whether the customer support team is fast and efficient. Depending on the gambling platform, you may have to wait up to several hours before receiving an answer to your queries.

Many online bookmakers have an affiliate program that helps them gain more customers

Since there are many gambling websites, companies have to think of new ways of reaching out to their potential customers. Besides creating exciting ads, some brands decided to create their own affiliate program.

There are different types of partnership programs you may come across. Some of them will provide you with multiple marketing tools, such as banners, individual links, unique promo codes, and more. There are some places where you will even have your own affiliate manager, who will always be there to help you.

Although the affiliate programs won’t directly impact bettors’ experience, they may get the chance to access unique promos. Some of the top affiliates have special bonus codes that allow their users to unlock unique rewards that are not available to other people.


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