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Everything You Need To Know About How To Clean Your Gaming PC



A gaming computer, also called a gaming PC, is a high-end personal computer developed specifically for playing video games. The first thing you need to remember about your gaming PC is that as a computer acquires data, its performance will deteriorate or you may notice a decrease in performance while playing your favorite games on it. RAM allows your computer to process data quickly, thus the more RAM it has, the faster it can run software or play a game.

A gaming computer’s video card contains specialized RAM, a GPU, and a cooling system, whereas a standard PC’s graphics controller is onboard. Thus, when you purchase a new gaming PC, you might have noticed that your gaming PC works well without any disturbance.

A gaming PC requires more RAM than a computer used to browse the web, even within the gaming sector, each game has its memory requirements. Such problems can make it difficult for your machine to load graphics and execute other tasks required to keep your games operating smoothly. So if you learn how to clean your PC it will help you make the most of the available storage space.

How much storage space do you require on your gaming PC?

A typical PC game consumes 40GB to 50GB of storage space. A hard disc or a solid-state drive is the best storage alternatives for a gaming PC. In terms of performance, SSDs are faster than HDDs making them perfect for specific games and operating systems. HDDs, on the other hand, expand the quantity of low-cost bulk storage that can be accessed.

SSDs can improve the responsiveness of the operating system and minimize the time it takes for video games to load. It would be preferable if you get an SSD, ideally in the 500–1,000GB range, as well as a 2TB HDD.

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10 Cleaning Tips For Your Gaming Computer:

  1. By using Windows Storage Sense:

Windows Storage Sense is a Windows 10 tool that allows you to delete unneeded items from your computer at regular intervals. When your computer runs out of space, the feature will eliminate garbage files like temporary system files, unwanted files you have sent to the recycle bin.

To activate Windows Storage Sense, you can go to Settings > System > Storage to get started with Storage Sense. Turn the slider for the Storage Sense option on under the subheading ‘Storage.’ Storage Sense will begin to function after it has been activated.

  1. Make Use Of The Windows Disk Cleanup:

Windows disk Cleanup helps to improve system performance by deleting your unwanted files, junk, and internet cache files.

  • You can use Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button to start DiskCleanup.
  • Then you can select the drive you want to clear up if prompted, and then click OK.
  • To delete the files click the particular file you want to get rid of and after completing the cleanup, these files will be permanently removed from your computer.
  1. Unwanted Programs Should Be removed :

Check the programs on your computer and decide which ones you use. There might be many programs on your computer that are not even necessary to use. Unwanted programs can be removed to free up storage space in your PC.

You can view all the programs you want to delete by going to Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Scroll down the list until you find the software you want to uninstall, then right-click it and choose Uninstall.

  1. Files that are duplicated should be removed:
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Since your PC Windows cannot detect and delete duplicate files on their computers you can use Duplicate Sweeper or other third-party software to locate duplicate files. If you use third-party software then you should always double-check that the software you download comes from a reputable source; otherwise, you risk harm to your computer.

  1. Temporary Files Should Be removed :

Temporary files should be removed because they can sometimes reduce the performance on your PC. Disk Cleanup allows you to delete temporary files from your computer, and also allows you to delete temporary files created by Google Chrome and other web browsers. To do so, go to your browser’s settings and select the Clear Browsing Data option.

  1. Remove all recyclables from your recycling bin:

If you see your computer’s recycling bin full then it is better to delete files from the recycle bin to have more space on your PC. You can remove all the files from your PC by clicking the recycle bin icon on the desktop.

  1. Cloud storage can be used:

You can save your data by using cloud storage. This means you may keep all of your digital files, such as papers, photos, music, and videos, without taking up real space in your home or using up computer memory.

  1. Defragment of your Computer’s Hard Drive:

The hard disc of a gaming PC might become fragmented, which can make it difficult to store files. You should defragment, or consolidate data on your hard disc, to keep your computer performing at its optimum. Defragmenting your hard disc enhances the performance of your computer and should be done regularly.

  1. RAM should be upgraded:
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If your computer runs slowly regularly, you might consider upgrading your PC’s RAM because that can increase the speed of your computer.

  1. Shred your digital files with a digital file shredder:

You can securely remove unwanted files with a digital file shredder. This can help you clear up a lot of space on your computer, allowing your games to run more smoothly.


Cleaning your gaming PC isn’t the most exciting aspect of gaming, but it’s a must if you want to maintain your system running at its best and to avoid overheating. If your computer was previously overheating, you’ll find that it’s no longer an issue following a thorough cleaning. If you follow all suggestions above, your gaming PC will ensure that it runs at peak performance, which will improve your gaming experience.


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