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There are dozens of search criteria to help you find the best online casinos in Denmark.  But perhaps premising the search on the themes of the games is the surest bet.

Space is a mystery that has always had a great fascination for man. It has recently returned to a very topical issue, thanks to the efforts and activities of Musk, Bezos, and Branson.

However, the space topic has never stopped feeding cinema and literature, but the world of online slot machines is no exception. So let’s discover 4 of the funniest titles to look out for when you zoom in to your favorite casino.

Little Green Men Nova Wild slot

Speaking of space, we could only start with the classic green men. The first title is an IGT slot machine titled Little Green Men Nova Wilds, a 5-reel, 3-line, 20-pay line slot. But if the aliens are synonymous with enemies in general, here the little green men are our friends. Generous friends ready to shower us with bonuses.

In fact, at any time, he can glide one of the four aliens with his spaceship and activate the modifier function, which can transform all the symbols of the slot into something more important.

In detail, the modifiers can activate horizontal Wilds, i.e., three or more identical symbols on the same line are replaced by Wild symbols (in free spin bonuses, symbols on two lines can also be replaced).

Then there are Vertical Wilds, where two or more reels turn into a whole stack of Wild symbols. Finally, the giant Wild will bring up 1 or 2 wild symbols two × 2 (3 × 3 in Free Spins mode).

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The Free Spins bonus is activated when at least three spaceships appear with the appropriate “bonus” writing, which activates 6, 12, or 24 free spins based on the number of spaceships (3, 4, or 5). In this phase, the paylines of the slot double and become 40.

Space Wars

If we talk about space-themed slot machines, even a title dedicated to the mythical space wars could not be missing. Space Wars is a very particular and innovative NetEnt slot spread over five reels, four lines, and 40 pay lines, with possible bets from a minimum of 40 cents up to a maximum of € 200.

The symbols are all made up of alien monsters, also quite funny and nice. The Wild symbol can only appear on reels 2 and 4 and substitutes for all symbols in the slot.

Why is Space Wars innovative? Mainly for a very special feature, namely that every single win automatically generates a free spin. The “cloning chamber” on the right of the screen can generate an additional win up to 1000 times the initial bet! This is almost unique in the slot machine landscape and makes up for the lack of a real Free Spins bonus.

Galactic Streak

An infinite number of planets swarm in the boundless space, and such a scenario is very well defined in this slot machine from Playtech entitled Galactic Streak, a four-reel product with 20 paylines. The aesthetic impact is truly extraordinary and does not fear comparisons with any other slot: each spin appears, in fact, as a cloud of planets coming towards us.

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Just the various planets represent the payment symbols of this game, which has a unique feature. Every win leaves stellar multipliers on its position, which start at x2 and can go up to x10.

In practice, if another win occurs in the same position, it will be paid double, and the multiplier will rise to x3 and so on. In each spin with no winnings, the stellar multiplier will decrease by one, for example, from x3 to x2, disappearing when no more wins are generated from x2.

The Wild symbol is represented by a glowing supernova, which stops one more revolution each time it appears. The Free Spins, called ” Galactic Free Games,” are activated when three symbols of the Milky Way appear on the reels, which activate ten free games.

In this phase, the star multipliers remain stuck on the reels for the duration of the bonus spins, giving continuous chances of very high winnings.

Astro Magic

If you are passionate about slots but also astronomy, Astro Magic is definitely for you. It is a slot by iSoftBet, with a classic structure of 5 reels and nine pay lines, which presents symbols everywhere, evoking the world of constellations and galaxies.

The Wild symbol depicts a 4-planet solar system and substitutes for all symbols present, except scatters and bonus-generating symbols.

The scatters in this slot are represented by a hexagon with six planets and are particular scatters, in the sense that they generate dizzying wins and multipliers in any position they appear but do not trigger free spins as happens elsewhere.

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This happens because there are two other distinct bonuses, each activated with the Sun and Moon symbols.

Three or more Sun symbols activate the Instant Bonus, with the possibility of winning multipliers and free spins. Three or more symbols of the Moon instead activate the Galaxy Bonus, a series of games that can bring winnings up to 4950 coins.

There could be many other players’ favorite space-themed casino games in Denmark and across the world.  The above are among the most popular.

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