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Exploring The Best CSGO Pistols



Best CSGO Pistols

Whether you want to be a sniper or not, you’ll likely need to use a pistol. After all, there is always a risk that your opponent is going to get close to your position. Once this happens, your sniper rifle will be nullified and you’ll need to use a weapon that is more effective for close-quarters combat. Having a pistol on your side will give you greater peace of mind as well. When you begin playing CSGO, you’ll immediately realize that the pistol category is very diverse with countless options to choose from.

Which pistol should you add to your arsenal? Continue reading the guide below to find out.

More About Pistols

Truthfully, every player needs a high-quality pistol. Whether you prefer shotguns, SMGs, or sniper rifles, you still need a backup weapon. You never know when you’re going to run into an issue and need to switch. If you don’t have a pistol, you’d have to use your knife. Using a pistol in CSGO can be tough, but the rewards tend to be higher for each kill. If you manage to perfect the use of your pistol, you’ll benefit greatly since these weapons have a high damage score. In fact, your pistol can be more effective and powerful than your shotgun when used correctly.

Desert Eagle

Players often agree that the Desert Eagle is the best pistol in CSGO. Although its damage rating is slightly lower, it still has a lot of benefits. For instance, it has the highest armor penetration score of any pistol. The only pistol that matches its score is the R8 Revolver. The Desert Eagle has a decent fire rate and a magazine size of seven. It is a well-rounded weapon that will prove to be a good choice. When you use the Desert Eagle, you’ll have plenty of stopping power to kill your opponents before they can kill you.

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Just remember that this is the most expensive pistol in the game.

R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver is arguably one of the best pistols in CSGO since it has the highest damage score and highest armor penetration score. It is more affordable than the Desert Eagle but still one of the most expensive pistols. In total, it can deliver 86 damage points to your opponent. Since it has a lower fire rate, you’ll need to be very accurate when using this gun. If you miss too often, your opponent will likely have the upper hand. Regardless, the R8 Revolver is a good backup weapon to add to your collection.

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Dual Berettas

Are you looking for Best CSGO Pistols that can match the performance of your SGMs? Look no further than the dual Berettas. You’ll find that two are better than one. Thankfully, this statement is true when you equip yourself with two Beretta pistols. These pistols can deliver 38 damage points although the armor penetration score is moderate. The good news is that you can fire off many shots quickly and bring down your opponent before they manage to escape.

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