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Facebook Bars App Launched: Give TikTok like experience to Rappers



Facebook Bars App Launched


  • Facebook BARS app is launched by the U.S. Giant Facebook.
  • The application helps rappers to create and discover rap content on the TikTok-like interface.
  • Now, The Application is only provided to iOS users and soon available to Android users as well.
  • The application includes a challenge mode for freestyle raps.

If You are a rapping artist, then there is good news for you, Facebook has launched a new application called Facebook Bars to promote all Rapping artists and promote rapping culture and music professionally and aims to create a new source of entertainment for users.

The application is currently in the beta phase and only available to iOS devices. After a successful launch for iOS devices, it will be launch for Android devices as well.

Facebook Bars App Launched: Features

BARS allows users to create Rap Videos of up to 60 seconds. When you see the Application graphics and interface, you will see – New application competes at each level from TikTok.

You will see the video creator’s name on the right corner of the video. As per the application developer’s official statement: No Formal rap experience required to create content in the application.

Users can show their appreciation for particular videos by tapping on Fire Button on the rap video. Fire Icon is just like hearts on the Instagram reels and Snapchat. There is also Follow button so that you can follow the artists you like.

As per Company Officials:

“Due To Covid Pandemic, all live shows has been cancelled which effects the rapper community a lot, but the application helps them to showcase their talent worldwide with their creative content and helps to create a new source of entertainment for viewers as well”.

There is also a challenge mode for rapping artist which give them the opportunity to compete and do freestyle through suggested word clues.

There is also an option to export videos and save them from the application to share the content on other digital platforms to increase their followers.

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