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Facebook may get rid of profile videos, only static profile pictures to remain




Did you realize Facebook permitted users to set up their recordings as profile pictures? All things considered, Facebook may dispose of the feature of setting up recordings as profile pictures. It isn’t quite possibly the most generally utilized feature, as the vast majority are as yet not mindful of something like this. Notwithstanding, Matt Navarra, an online media expert, shared the screen capture of Facebook informing users about the suspension of the Facebook video profile feature.

Facebook might get rid of the feature of putting up videos as profile pictures.

Navarra posted a screen capture of the feature and uncovered that Facebook is disposing of the profile recordings from February 7. He shared a screen capture of the spring-up that a ton of Facebook users have gotten. According to it, “Profile recordings are disappearing soon. On the off chance that you don’t supplant your video with a photograph, on February 7 the cover picture of your video will turn into your new profile picture.” So, to supplant your video profile, you should tap on the “Update profile picture” choice featured in blue.

According to the PhoneArena report, Facebook has quietly crippled feature set video profile pictures. A few users on Reddit have revealed that the choice to change a video profile picture doesn’t show up any longer. It isn’t clear why Facebook has chosen to eliminate the feature. The video profile picture was first presented in 2015. The feature permitted users to set a 7-second video cut as their profile picture. The feature didn’t speak to a ton of users as there were scarcely any individuals who involved recordings as their profile pictures.

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Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, shared the screenshot of Facebook notifying users about the discontinuation of the Facebook video profile feature.

On a made note, Facebook has now made the Messenger visits start to finish scrambled. The start to finish encryption feature was accessible on WhatsApp beforehand. This implies that your visits on Messenger must be gotten to by the shipper and the recipient, not even Facebook can get to your talks on Messenger. Facebook will likewise inform you as to whether anybody takes a screen capture of your message on Messenger in vanishing mode. Aside from that, Meta-claimed web-based media have likewise carried out message responses. Presently, users on Messenger can respond to messages utilizing emoticons.

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