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Facebook Messenger, Instagram Get Cross-App Group Chat Feature, Group Typing Indicators, More




  • Facebook enables group cross-app communication on Instagram and Messenger.
  • Users will be able to start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts.
  • Furthermore, users can also use the Watch Together feature across Instagram.

Facebook has announced a raft of new features for Messenger and Instagram Direct, including cross-app group chats, so you can engage in group discussions between the two apps, new group typing indicators to boost engagement, and polls in your DMs.

When you enable cross-app messaging, you can receive messages on your Facebook Messenger from your Instagram followers. At the same time, your Messenger friends can send a message to your Instagram. It eliminates the need to leave the app just to cross over to the next app to view your messages.

Enable Cross-App Messaging on Instagram

After you have downloaded the latest version, you can enable the messaging feature on your Instagram app.

  • Launch the app on your device.
  • Tap your Profile.
  • Select the Menu button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Privacy.
  • Now, tap Messages.
  • From here, you can edit how you want to receive your messages. You can customize it based on your Facebook friends, people you have chat with on Messenger, people with your phone number, or other people on Facebook. Set it if you want to receive message requests, chats, or not receive any message requests.

Enable Cross-App Messaging on Facebook Messenger

You can also enable the messaging feature on your Facebook Messenger and receive messages from people on Instagram.

  1. First, launch your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Tap your Profile.
  3. Under Preferences, select Privacy.
  4. Tap Message Delivery.
  5. From here, customize how you will receive messages from Instagram. Choose whether to receive chats and message requests or don’t receive any requests. You can set it based on the accounts you follow on Instagram, your followers, the people you have chatted with, or other users on Instagram.
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The company also introducing polls to your Instagram DMs and group chats with friends across Messenger and Instagram, making it easier for the group to decide which new show is most binge-worthy or which restaurant you all go to next weekend.

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