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FAU-G Game Ratings drop to 3.2 from 4.5 on Google play store.



FAUG game now available on iOS


  • The review and ratings of the Indian Pubg alternative game “FAU-G” have dropped after the launch. The current rating of the game is 3.2 on Google Play Store.
  • FAU-G mobile game’s Google Play Store rating is expected to drop to 2.5 stars.
  • Due to the expectations not being matched, gamers give negative ratings and write negative reviews.

Due to a ban by the Indian government on Chinese apps including PUBG, the users were hyped about FAU-G. People were expecting the game to either be better than PUBG Mobile or at least be at par.

FAU-G mobile game is recently launched in India by Bengaluru-based game developer nCore Games under Made in India Plan.

On the Republic Day of India, The Game Made Its Debut On the Google Play store.

When the game launched, it received an impressive rating of around 4.5 stars, but within one week the rating has been dropped. Currently, the game is sitting at an average rating of 3.2 stars.

Difference Between FAU-G and PUBG


There is no multiplayer facility in FAU-G which is a specialty of the best game Pubg. Gamers interact with other gamers and friends and play games together, Interact and compete with each other, which is a major drawback of the made-in-India game FAU-G.

Another significant difference between PUBG Mobile and FAU-G lies in the game mode that the two offer. PUBG offers ‘Battle Royale’ mode and supports multiplayer gaming. On the other hand, FAU-G is based on different episodes consisting of various missions.

What Gamers say about FAUG??

Faug Is not at all a Substitute for the Pubg game. There are no weapons only hand-to-hand fighting.

Faug is good for those who like to play action games on a low Ram phone.

There is no smooth Controlling of players which is the biggest setback of the game on which nCore games should work and provide the solution with the update.

What happens if the rating of an app decreases?

There is a lot of curiosity among viewers about “what happens when the rating of the app decreases”.

Apps with a star rating lower than four stars will typically not be featured.

A low rating lets the stores know that the app has issues that need to be resolved before it can confidently feature it.

Featuring an app that frustrates users- will only erode user faith in the featured apps.

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