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Finally WhatsApp announces community feautres including group video calling features



Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled two new WhatsApp features. Communities on WhatsApp will begin rolling out to users globally today and will be accessible to everyone over the course of the following several months, according to the firm.

A significant improvement to WhatsApp’s group communication system is the Communities feature. To organize group chats on WhatsApp, communities like neighborhoods, parents at a school, and employers can now link many groups together under a single banner.

Emoji reactions, massive file sharing (up to 2GB), and the option for administrators to remove messages are just a few of the features created for Communities that have already made their way to the WhatsApp platform before today’s debut. According to the business, WhatsApp will enable polls, 32-person video calls, and larger group sizes more widely outside of Communities.

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WhatsApp Group Versus Facebook Group Features.

Because both the new feature and Facebook Groups enable features like sub-groups, file sharing, admin functionality, and more, there may initially be some parallels between the two. WhatsApp Communities, however, are designed to be used by people who may already be connected in the real world, unlike Facebook Groups, which dispersed strangers frequently use with a shared interest.

Because WhatsApp is phone number-based, as opposed to Facebook, members of these discussion groups already know one another because they may have swapped phone numbers or, at the very least, provided their numbers with the group admin. The phone numbers will only be visible to admins and members of the same sub-groups as you; they will remain concealed from the community.

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This aims to strike a compromise between users’ demands for privacy and the necessity of enabling communication among group members. For instance, even if you don’t know every parent on your child’s sports team personally, you’re probably at ease talking to them in a small group setting that might be a part of the larger school community.

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In addition

WhatsApp Communities are concealed, unlike Facebook Groups, which may be found on the site. A search and discovery tool won’t be available.

To prevent Communities from being overrun by spam (a serious concern), WhatsApp will keep its restrictions on message forwarding. Communities will also no longer be searchable within the app. The requirement that you be invited by someone you know reduces the likelihood that the choice will be abused.

Only Community admins can send messages to all Community members; this is known as the announcement group for the community. This is done to reduce noise and overload. For a few thousand users, we will first allow community announcements.

Community members can chat in the smaller groups that administrators have formed or approved. We plan to gradually expand group sizes as we provide admins and users additional controls.

Additionally, community administrators will have the power to delink groups from the community and, at their discretion, completely ban specific users from it.

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It sounds like a very decent package, with several changes that will undoubtedly increase the value of WhatsApp group chats and enable more connectivity within the program.

It might actually be a terrific method to increase your familiarity with relevant groups and chats, which might help you locate more people who share your interests and improve your in-app experience in various ways.

“Communities on WhatsApp are still in their infancy, so developing additional features to assist them will be a top priority for us in the upcoming year. Communities will soon be available for download, and we eagerly anticipate user input.”

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