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Fix Apex Legends Most Frustrating Bugs and server issues



Fix Apex legends 6 major bugs including code:leaf

Apex legends is one of the most popular game, The season 5 of the games is on peak and season 6 is about to come soon. the game is full of legends who fight against each other to stay in the game. But sometimes gamers are facing issues in updating the games and the game’s accrued the most frustrating bugs. The main Apex legends bugs involved scenarios where a player would be knocked down, but instead of being left to wait on their teammates to revive them and get them back on the fight, they were able to pull out one of their weapons and continue shooting at the enemy.

The bug happened infrequently enough to where you didn’t need to double-check every single Legend to see if they were downed or not, but on the off chance they still had their weapon available to them, it felt pretty awful to get downed by someone who was downed themselves.

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What Apex Legends bugs have been fixed?

Here’s a list of bugs that have been moved to the recently resolved section of the Apex Legends Tracker as of September 12.

  • Party not ready: The party sometimes shows as not ready while in party lobby.
  • UI disappearing: In certain situations, the user’s UI disappears in game. This makes it hard to know ammo in clip to looting death boxes.
  • Unable to report on PS4: Disabled PS4 reporting temporarily.
  • Stuck in Out of Bounds: The Out of Bounds trigger (OOB) keeps triggering in certain situations.
  • Players losing ranked points: If a user happens to get disconnected due to a server issue, will lose their RP.
  • Disconnects caused by code:leaf and/or similar errors: Multiple users are reporting Code:Leaf disconnects.
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