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Flipkart Electronics Day Sale to Bring Deals on Blaupunkt, Thomson Smart TVs, Washing Machines



Flipkart Electronics Day sale

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is hosting an Electronics Day sale. As a part of the sale, it is offering big discounts on smart TVs from Blaupunkt and Thomson. Flipkart is also offering discounts on Thomson washing machines as a part of the sale. Blaupunkt smart TVs will get an additional 10 percent cash back when purchased using ICICI Bank cards.

The Flipkart Electronics Day sale will go live starting Wednesday (February 23) and will be active till Monday (February 28). The sale will see TVs, washing machines, and other electronics items offered with big discounts.

The upcoming Flipkart sale promises the customers exclusive bank cashback offers meaning the customers can avail up to 10% extra cashback on making a transaction via their debit or credit cards.
Besides these, the Flipkart sale makes online shopping a cakewalk as all the products are displayed systematically with their brand name, price, and popularity making it easy for the customers to make an informed choice.

Flipkart Electronics Day sale: Discounts on Smart TVs

The Indian e-commerce giant is offering discounts of up to Rs. 3,000 on Blaupunkt smart TVs. The 32-inch Blaupunkt CyberSound smart TV will be offered for Rs. 12,999, down from Rs. 13,999. The Blaupunkt CyberSound 42-inch smart TV with full-HD display and 40W speakers will be available for Rs. 19,999, instead of its usual price of Rs. 21,999. Similarly, the 43-inch Blaupunkt CyberSound smart TV will be offered for Rs. 27,999, down from Rs. 30,999.

Model Number Size Normal Retail Price Discounted Price
Blaupunkt 32CSA7101 32 Rs. 13,999 Rs. 12,999
Blaupunkt 42CSA7707 42 Rs. 21,999 Rs. 19,999
Blaupunkt 43CSA7070 43 Rs. 30,999 Rs. 27,999
Blaupunkt 50CSA7007 50 Rs. 35,999 Rs. 34,999
Blaupunkt 55CSA7090 55 Rs. 40,999 Rs. 38,999
Blaupunkt 65CSA7030 65 Rs. 55,999 Rs. 54,999

Flipkart is also offering discounts of up to Rs. 5,000 on Thomson smart TVs. The Electronics Day sale will see discounts on Thomson Path, Oath Pro, and Oath Pro Max smart TV range.

Thomson 24TM2490 24 Rs. 8,499 Rs. 8,499
Thomson 32PATH0011 32 Rs. 12,999 Rs. 11,999
Thomson 32PATH0011BL 32 Rs. 13,999 Rs. 12,499
Thomson 32TM3290 32 Rs. 10,999 Rs. 9,999
Thomson 40PATH7777 40 Rs. 18,999 Rs. 16,999
Thomson 42PATH2121 42 Rs. 20,999 Rs. 19,499
Thomson 43OPMAX9099 43 Rs. 27,999 Rs. 25,999
Thomson 43PATH0009 BL 43 Rs. 22,499 Rs. 20,499
Thomson 43PATH4545BL 43 Rs. 24,999 Rs. 22,999
Thomson 50OATHPRO1212 50 Rs. 32,999 Rs. 31,999
Thomson 50OPMAX9077 50 Rs. 34,999 Rs. 33,999
Thomson 50PATH1010BL 50 Rs. 31,999 Rs. 29,999
Thomson 55 OATHPRO 0101 55 Rs. 36,999 Rs. 34,999
Thomson 55OPMAX9055 55 Rs. 38,999 Rs. 36,999
Thomson 55PATH5050BL 55 Rs. 34,999 Rs. 32,999
Thomson 65 OATHPRO 2020 65 Rs. 54,999 Rs. 53,999
Thomson 75 OATHPRO2121 75 Rs. 1,04,999 Rs. 99,999
Thomson 43 OATHPRO 2000 43 Rs. 27,999 Rs. 25,999

Flipkart Electronics Day sale discounts on washing machines

During the Electronics Day sale, Flipkart will also offer discounts on Thomson’s semi and fully automatic washing machines. As a part of the deals, Thomson washing machines will be offered with a discount of up to Rs. 1,500.

Recently, Flipkart announces a Sell Back program where users can sell their old smartphones on its platform. The program will start with smartphones initially and will incorporate other categories of products sold on Flipkart.

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