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Flipkart launches Flipkart camera on its app to let buyers know what product would look like in reality



Flipkart camera


  • Flipkart launches Flipkart Camera on its app.
  • The Camera allows shoppers to closely experience what a product would look like.
  • This new experience will enable customers to purchase the right product without stepping out given COVID-19 restrictions.

Flipkart is India’s answer to Amazon. And just like Amazon, the company has rapidly become one of India’s original unicorns. Founded by two friends, Sachin and Binny Bansal, as recently as 2007 in Bengaluru, the company is now owned by Walmart and is one of India’s huge success stories. The secret to their growth is- Flipkart’s marketing strategy.

Flipkart Camera aims to make the online experience more engaging and beneficial for customers and help them make informed decisions.

According to the e-commerce company, in categories such as furniture, luggage, and large appliances — where customers need to estimate the size and fit of the product and understand its aesthetics before making a purchase decision — they can have a visual, 3D experience of products using Flipkart Camera. In fact, this capability will provide confidence to shoppers in the beauty category as it makes it possible for them to try products virtually before making a purchasing decision.

Jeyandran Venugopal, chief product and technology officer at Flipkart said:

“At Flipkart, we are constantly working towards making e-commerce an inclusive and immersive experience for customers. With the Flipkart Camera feature, we aim to make this experience a notch higher by offering in-house demonstrations of products from the comfort of a consumer’s living room, thereby helping them make an informed decision before purchasing. This technology has far-reaching applications and can improve customer experience manifold while also helping customers find the right product fit.”

How to use Flipkart Camera?

First, you need to scan the QR code using Google Lens or a third-party QR code scanner. Once the page opens, click on ‘View in your room’. Soon you’ll see the camera prop open. Rotate the phone camera (for the rear camera) and point it to the floor for a few seconds to enable the AR mode and within seconds, you should see a life-sized AR replica in your home.  You can move and orient it as per your preference to better understand how it would appear in your home.

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