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How to avoid Fortnite V Bucks scam



How to avoid Fortnite V Bucks scam

Do you want to know how to avoid Fortnite V Bucks scam? If yes, you are lucky to land here. The Battle Royale Game Fortnite has been home to nearly 18 million players and millions of scammers as well. It is the most popular video game in the world and its popularity attracts scammers as well. Bad comes along with good, this is very common! Along with true genuine players the bad players, who do not play the game but attack the game, keep an eye on good players.

Credit card fault and Rampant spread of malware are some commonly reported issues around. In this guide, I am going to share various Fortnite V bucks scam and how to avoid them. Wearing a mask of humanity and Promising free V bucks these scammers attract innocent players. But in reality, they only undertake those innocent players or take out their job. Scroll down to read more!

Before we Start…

Fortnite game is the main attraction for hackers and scammers because of its huge player base. With increasing popularity every day, these are causing distress to users every day. What scammers are doing is, they trap the user promising to give free v bucks but in actual Scammers are making a lot of money online and thus it has been continually increasing every day. With over 5000 scam websites over the net, which contains 1500 scam youtube videos and lacs of suspicious links.

Why so much Scam? What’s the need for Vbucks?

V-Bucks are the in-game currency that is used for buying items from the in-game V Store in Save the World. Moreover, you can also grab cosmetic items from the Item Shop and the Battle Pass in Battle Royale and Creative. Please note that V-bucks aren’t transferrable within accounts and on devices as well. No refund would be given for unused V-bucks. If you want to get v-bucks you would have to spend real money over it.

  • You can purchase 1,000 V-Bucks for $9.99 from the Microsoft website.
  • Get 2,500 V-Buck (+300 bonus) for $24.99
  • Obtain 4,000 V-Bucks (+1,000 bonus) for  $59.99
  • Buy 10,000 V-Bucks (+3,500 bonus) for $99.99

A player would require v bucks to get Battle Passes, cosmetics, emotes, gliders, and other loot in all Fortnite game versions.

Professional “Fortnite” player Loeya,” said Anywhere there is money, there’s going to be people who try to abuse. She prefers to keep her real name anonymous. She has more than 637,000 followers on video game streaming service Twitch. and there she replies to a question about scammers.

Types of Fortnite Scams

Scammers may attack you in on or other ways, by hook or by crook. Here I am sharing some common types of video scams, so be alert!

1) Youtube Video Scams

Fortnite is a most demanding online video game and thus thousands of videos related to the game are available on youtube. Most of the videos are related to gameplay and only to help the players in passing the battle but there are some fake videos too that will trap you. Whenever you enter the query “free v bucks” in the search bar of youtube, you get a lot of results from third-party sites. Unfortunately, such videos are approved by youtube as well so you may think it’s legitimate. When you open the video, it asks your code from the game account. Entering the code there is like giving the keys of the house to thieves. So, Beware of such acts!

2) Fake apps

The play store is flooded with fake Fortnite apps. These fake apps work in the same way as the video scammers do. When you download a fake app and launch it, it asks you the code. Also, as soon as you download the app and install it on your device, a malware also gets into your device and you very well know what’s next!

Pen down: Epic games have never released an official Fortnite app, so no such official app is available on youtube.

3) Fake V bucks generator

Tons of website available on the web that promises you to provide free v bucks but there is no such thing as free V bucks. Yes, some websites provide you by doing some surveys but not all. These free V Bucks generator websites, Asks your information, codes, and other related information. Filling this information is harmful to you and your account may get hacked. Do not ever trust free in-game currency generator sites. Stay safe!

How to avoid Fortnite V Bucks scam?

Plenty is the ways to attack you, but taking proper moves will save you from scams. Lets now discuss how you can avoid Fortnite V Bucks scam.

1) Talk to Your Kids

If you are a parent reading his article, It is very important to talk to your kids and teach them about what’s the internet is about. How scammers are stacking innocent people around and how to beware of them.

Tell your kids not to share account information with anyone, make a unique game password, and Do not click on suspicious links. Alongwith all this, you can help your kid in setting double authentication. It’s an amazing feature to make your account more secure.

2) Official Platforms

If you need to purchase something for the game, then always stick to the official platform for payments. There are many websites that promise you to buy a good purchase in a lesser amount but just for a penny do not give you account details to scammers.  This website logs your card information and may harm you and leaves you bankrupt.

3) keep an eye on card statements

Though you are taking before safety measure this is an after safety measure. Track your credit card details at a regular interval of time. This helps you to identify any suspicious activity done with your card. If you find anything unusual, take action immediately. Also, if you are a parent, do not share card information with kids.

4) keep email address private

It is necessary to keep your email address private, so that anyone who pretends to be your friend on the gaming platform may abuse you personally. Do not chat with strangers and do not share your personal information with anyone like email, address, school name, etc.

5) Use two-factor authentication

An extra layer of security is always beneficial. Fortnite has given you the ability to impose two-factor authentication with your account, use that! Follow the steps below to set two-factor authentication.
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Move to “Account Settings”.
  3. PRess the “Password & Security” tab
  4. Tap on “Enable Two-Factor Sign In”
  5. You will have the option to enable an authenticator app or enable email verification
  6. That’s all!
Folks, using these ways you can avoid Fortnite v bucks scam.

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Hey friends, your safety is in your hands! This all about Fortnite V Bucks scam. The Internet is full of good as well as bad stuff. Please beware of any fake offers related to free v bucks. teach your kids about scams and hacks.

So friends, how do you like the guide? We would appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for reading!

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