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Free Fire Emote Party Event Begins, Win Many Rewards for Free



Garena Free Fire

Garena has launched a new interactive event for Free Fire. In this event being organized from 20 January 2022 to 26 January, the player has a chance to win many free rewards. Several emotes have been featured at the Garena Free Fire emotes party event, including Captain Booyah, FFWC Throne, All in Control, Debugging, and Rock Paper Scissors. Players can participate with their friends in emote party events.

Recently, Garena rolled out a new OB32 update for Free Fire and Free Fire Max. With the new update, many changes will be seen in the game. The gameplay of Free Fire has been optimized. Also, the developer has also adjusted the character’s ability. The location of the game’s iconic map Bermuda has also been improved. In addition, various in-game features have also been added to the game.

Free Fire Emote Party Event

To participate in this interactive Emote Party Event of Free Fire, the player must first launch the game on their smartphone. After this, go to the event section, tap on the option of the emoting party. By tapping on the Emote Party option, the player will be redirected to the Emote Party Event. Along with this, you will also be able to see the rewards received in it. In the Emote Party Event, the player will get two options – Normal Draw and Super Draw. Players will be able to win rewards by choosing one of these. However, the player will have to spin the wheel for this, which will cost diamonds i.e. in-game currency.

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Rules of Emote Party Event

The first spin to spin the wheel will be available at a discounted price. The player has to spin the wheel continues to get his favorite reward. The Player has emoted to the player in the super draw option

You will get a chance to win. In the fifth Super Draw, the player will get exclusive Rock Paper Scissors in interactive mode.

The first spin of the Super Draw will cost 99 Diamonds. At the same time, 199 diamonds will have to be spent for a regular spin. At the same time, the first spin of the normal draw will cost 9 diamonds, while every next spin will cost 19 diamonds.


As a Grand Prize, the player will get Captain Booyah, FFWC Throne, All in Control, Debugging, Rock Paper Scissors. At the same time, in the normal prize, the player should bring it On! Bangra, Fancy Hands, Challenge On! One-Finger, Pushup, Threaten, The VictorSii!, Moon Flip, Death Glare, Party Dance, Dangerous Game, Provoke, Kongfu, Wiggle Walk, Shake it Up, Shake with Me, Baby Shark, Hello!, Applause, DabArm Wave Emmet Will meet.

At the same time, talking about other rewards, the player will get Magic Cube Fragment, Diamond Royale Voucher (can be used till February 28), Weapon Royale (can be used till February 28), Hellfire M4A1 Crate, T.R.A.P. FAMAS Crate, Bumblebee Gun Crate, Digital Invasion Gun Crate, Red Samurai Gun Crate, Shark Attack Gun Crate, Pink Devil Gun Crate, Scan50X Universal Fragment, Pet Food, Gold Royale Voucher, Resupply Map will be available.

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