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Free Fire McLaren spin event: How to get MCL-FF Final Lap skin



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  • Garena Free Fire McLaren Ascension event is now live.
  • The new McLaren Royale started today ( 4 September 2021) offers several exclusive rewards.
  • Users have time until 10th September 2021 to earn all the rewards.

Free Fire India has officially launched the McLaren Royale spin game as a part of their partnership with exotic automobile giants, McLaren. The McLaren Royale spin has many rewards and prizes to offer like, 2 new animation skins for cars and much more. You can go ahead and spin the McLaren royale with the help of in-game diamonds to claim the rewards available in it.

The best skin during this event a player can get is the McLaren P1 along with the Winning Soul bundle. These events offer players new skins for characters and weapons, new weapon crates and bundles, and lots of other cosmetics.

Garena is offering two new exciting items at the McLaren event.

1. MCL-FF Cyber Neon skin

This is a new car skin where you can get this skin by taking part in Free Fire McLaren top-up event. Players need to buy 200 diamonds by using real money to get MCL-FF Cyber Neon skin in-game.

2. Max Throttle Backpack skin

Free Fire McLaren top up event comes up with a brand new backpack skin in-game called Max Throttle Backpack skin. You can get this skin by top-up 500 diamonds in-game by using real money.

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How to get MCL-FF Final Lap from McLaren Royale in Free Fire?

Make sure you have the latest version of Free Fire downloaded from your app store and signed in with your social media account.

  • Open Garena Free Fire game, head to the luck royale section from the homepage.
  • Now click on “McLaren Royale” where you will see the “Speed and Style” spin available.
  • 1 spin will cost you 40 in-game diamonds and 10+1 spins together cost you 400 in-game diamonds respectively.
  • Start spinning to test your luck and claim the 2 gorgeous skins for your McLaren car!

In order to claim the McLaren Racing Parachute item for free, gamers will have to complete five matches in the Convoy Crunch and the item will be added to inventory.

 The prize pool for the Free Fire McLaren spin event are:

  • 2x McLaren Token – 1
  • 1x McLaren Token – 1
  • Time Travellers Weapon Loot Crate
  • Executioner Weapon Loot Crate
  • AN94 – Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate
  • Midnight Mafia Weapon Loot Crate
  • Speed and Style
  • MCL – FF Final Lap
  • MCL – FF Deep Dive
  • Stereo Sprinter (Top)
  • Stereo Dasher (Top)
  • 10x McLaren Token – 1
  • 5x McLaren Token – 1
  • Stereo Sprinter (Shoes)
  • Stereo Dasher (Shoes)
  • 4x McLaren Token – 1
  • 3x McLaren Token – 1
  • Stereo Sprinter (Bottom)
  • Stereo Dasher (Bottom)

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