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Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID, stats, , headshots, and much more



Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID and stats

Hey folks, are you fond of Frontal gaming? Want to get all details about him? Then stop your search here guys, as we are here with all the details of Frontal gaming like Free Fire ID, stats, headshots, and much more. Just scroll more to know everything about him.

You must be aware that Frontal gaming is nothing but a popular Free fire content creator who belongs to Indonesia. His popularity is surging day by day, as it is quite evident from its millions of subscribers on his Youtube channel only. He is also increasing his presence on other social media platforms as well.

If reports have to be believed then it says that Frontal gaming’s youtube channel has gained almost 200k subscribers and approx 17 million views in just the past 1 month. Now you can take the idea about its popularity from these numbers. Frontal gaming is not the only social media influencer, but the way Frontal gaming is getting popular is truly unbeatable.

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Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID and stats

Many gamers have asked about Frontal gaming’s free-fire id and stats on the web. People are curious to know every small detail as well about their all-time favourite Frontal gaming. So, if you are also one of them who wants to know about Frontal gaming Free Fire ID, then look no further, Check all details given below :

  • Frontal Gaming’s official Free Fire ID is 225009777.
  •  UID name is OJI’akaFRNTL.
  • The guild I’d of Frontal Gaming is 1000726061
  •  the guild is named (FRNT.TEAM)
  • Frontal Gaming is the leader of the(FRNT.TEAM)Guild.

If you want to add him to your game’s in-friends list, then you need to first know the free fire id of Frontal gaming, right? So here we have disclosed exclusively his free fire ID. But now many of you must be thinking that how can you add him to your friend’s list by knowing his free Fire ID, right? So if this question also boggling your minds then read out the instructions given below as your all questions will get answered here in few moments.

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For this, follow the steps given below :

  • Initially open the Free Fire game on your device.
  • Then go to settings and look for the option ‘Social/Friends‘ icon on the screen.
  • After finding that, click on the “ADD” button.
  • Now move towards the search bar.
  • Input the Free fire ID of your friend whom you want to add.
  • You can also type their in-game name in case you are not sure about its free fire ID.
  • Now the desired account will appear in front of you.
  • As soon as the account appears, you have to click on the ‘+’ symbol to send a friend request.
  • And it will be done, simple, right?

Frontal Gaming Free Fire Stats

Garena Free Fire

Squad Mode

S.NO. stats Frontal Gaming
1 Games 12300
2 Wins 1660
3 Win Ratio 13.49%
4 Kills 43329
5 KD Ratio 4.07

Duo Mode

S.NO. stats Frontal Gaming
1 Games 638
2 Wins 94
3 Win Ratio 14.73%
4 Kills 2801
5 KD Ratio 5.15

Solo Mode

S.NO. stats Frontal Gaming
1 Games 1076
2 Wins 153
3 Win Ratio 14.21%
4 Kills 4771
5 KD Ratio 5.17

Frontal Gaming lifetime stats

Well, the frontal gaming lifetime stats are very impressive. He performed brilliantly at every stage of the game. he made many new records and set a gaming pattern for all other game lovers. He is an inspiration for many avid gamers. Gamers treat him as the god of the Free Fire game.

Let us now explore more about his bug achievements which you may have never seen or heard before.

Squad Matches

All in all, Frontal gaming has played almost 12,574 squad matches, isn’t it amazing. Out of these 12,574 matches, there were almost 1696 times he won. His winning rate is approximate 13.48%.  Not only this, he made many kills successful like 44,511 kills and 11,881 headshots in the mode while playing Free Fire.

You will be surprised to know that the Frontal gaming K/D ratio is about 4.09 and the headshot rate is 26.69%

Duo Mode

That was all about that single-mode, If we talk about the duo mode, then also the facts are quite surprising. In duo mode as well, he created history by appealing wins and kills. He has played almost 639 matches in duo mode of Free Fire and out of which he won in 94 matches. So its winning rate un duo mode becomes 14.71%. He successfully made 2801 kills and perfectly made 617 headshots in the game.

So in Duo mode, his K/D ratio becomes 5.14 and the headshots rate becomes 22.03%, Isn’t it great?

Solo Mode

Now after duo mode, if we talk about the solo games, then here also Frontal gaming has done wonders. he has played almost 1076 solo games. Not only this, he has almost 153 Booyahs on his name. So here his winning rate is approx 14.21%. Moreover, he remained successful in achieving  4771 kills. He has almost made 1004 headshots in this solo mode.

So his K/D ratio becomes 5.17 and his headshot rate is 21.04%. 

Frontal Gaming ranking Statistics

If we talk about Frontal gaming ranking statistics, then this one also impresses us. Frontal Gaming has played almost 327 squad matches in the current qualifying season. And if we tell you about how many of them he has won, you will be surprised. He has won almost 40 of them.

So his winning rate becomes 12.23%. While his K/D ratio becomes 4.47

His headshot rate is 30.48%.

He has made possible about 1283 kills with fabulous headshots of 391 in these matches.

Not only this, popular Youtuber has remained successful in garnering much popularity and has already achieved a lot.

If we take a look at his ranking then he has scored rank 1 in duo matches and rank 2 in solo matches.


All the information, facts, figures, and stats that are shown here were recorded at the time of writing. These are subject to vary on regular basis.

Exclusive  details about Frontal Gaming  

Now many players are very much curious to know about the personal life of their idol Frontal Gaming.

So why look here and there, just go through the post below and you will get to know everything about him :

Frontal gaming’s Real name : 

The Frontal gaming gets much popular for his outstanding performance on Free Fire. But not many gamers know his real name. His real name is Muhammad Fauzi.

Frontal Gaming hometown : 

He belongs to Indonesia and is a popular Yoyube influencer of the country.

Frontal Gaming profession :

He is completely indulged in gaming and creating content for youtube.

Frontal Gaming favorite colors :

His favorite colors are white and blue.

Frontal Gaming Age : 

Well, this question has been put up many times by many avid gamers and fans of Frontal gaming. So we are going to reveal his age first time exclusively on our site. He is 24 years old young influencer who has broken many records on social media and gaming platforms.

Frontal gaming was born in the year 1997 and people love to call him Frontal gaming which is the name opted by him in the game.

Frontal Gaming  social media

He is a social media addict. He remains very active on his social media accounts. If you want to connect with him personally, then you can do so by sending him requests on his Instagram and Facebook Official IDs.

Final Words :

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This is all about your and our favorite Frontal Gaming Free Fire ID, stats, headshots, and much more. I hope you would found the post informative. If you found the post informative, then do share it with your near and dear ones.

Stay tuned for more such updates 🙂

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