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Gacha Club Characters: How to Create, Ideas and More



gacha club characters

It is true that the Gaming Community is truly hailing the world. Online gaming has become the best pass time and entertainment source for people. You will find tons of online games on the Internet. Gacha Club is one of the beloved games that arrived after the immense success of Gacha Life. This game provides you an opportunity to create Gacha Club Characters.

The game’s beauty is that it allows you to showcase your imagination, creativity, and talent in reality. Designing the outfits for your Chibi is the most attractive feature, and the players are loving this.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to Create Gacha Club Characters, this post is for you. In this step-wise step guide, you will learn how to create Gacha Club Characters, ideas, tips, and more. So keep reading till the end.

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How to Create Gacha Club Characters?

The procedure of creating the best Gacha Club Character involves three steps- getting ideas, making the in-game character, and the last is Developing stage. We will gonna discuss all of them in detail.

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Step 1: Getting Ideas of What type of Character you want to create

To create any character, you need some inspiration. Designing the character is quite easy. However, thinking of the character you want to create is crucial and an important part. For this, you need to do a little homework on it. Your aim should be to create a funny and creative character so that it can be included in Gacha Club.

For selecting the character, you can take inspiration from preset Characters, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Tips while Selecting the Character

1  Choose the Character for whom you can be able to create a backstory. It is very important to create a story for the character before designing. For Instance: If your story includes a young poor boy, then the outfit should be chosen that best suits the scenario. In that case, you can’t select fancy clothes and shoes for him.

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2. Take suggestions from the previous characters but try to create a unique one by doing lots of modifications

3 Dedicate proper time to decide what personality traits or interests your Character has. For Instance, if, according to the backstory, your character is Craven, then he should not look confident.

4. Decide the purpose of your character

5. Lastly, it is recommended to draw the character that is in your mind. This is really helpful for working on the ideas you really want.

Step 2: Making in-game Character

Making your in-game Character is a quite long process. You need to start from the rough and then show your creative skills to design everything- outfits, shoes, Accessories, and more according to the story.

Default Characters

First of all, you need the presets to start off. Sadly the game does not provide any blank characters. It is always recommended to choose the default girl or boy. Players can even choose to use Mannequin from the Club Cosplay Category.

Choose the Hairstyle

Hairstyle is something that completely defines the personality of a person. So it is the first thing you need to choose for your Chibi. If your character is a young poor boy, you can choose curly hair for him. Showing him bald will be a great option if you are portraying a person suffering from illness.

Design the Face

The face is the main attraction point. So, you need to work on it carefully. If you are creating a hero, his expressions should be bold and confident. While the face of a poor boy should give petty expressions.

Customize the body

Customizing the body will give you a large room for creativity according to your imagination. It is completely your call to decide how long the hands and feet of the character should be. You can even adjust the size of the head as well. After that, select the hand and body gestures for your chibi. Customizing the body will give a realistic look to your character.


Your half-task is completed here. You have designed the body of your character. Now, it is time to work on its outfits. Choose the clothing style based on various factors such as – the season- winter or summer, rich or poor, male or female, age, and more. You can look up real outfits for ideas.

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After that, select the lower clothes and bottoms. Again, these should be based on the gender and other personality traits of the character.

For instance: For a poor young boy choose a torn shirt and pants that best describe his condition. A cute chubby girl can be dressed up in a cute top paired with a skirt. For the office-going person, select a formal shirt and trousers with a belt.


Select the shoes according to your dressing sense, weather, and gender. Long boots will be a great option if you have created a cute, chubby girl wearing shorts. You can choose a pair of slippers for the young poor boy or keep him barefooted.

Tip: To make your character look rebellious and professional, add socks, a tie, belts, and leggings will enhance the look completely.


It is recommended to choose the accessories that best suit the personality. You will find tons of options under Accessories. For instance: for an Office going person, it is best to select a tie, backpack, belt, wristwatch, and more. For a rich College goer girl, special glasses, gloves, hats, and hairpins. Just select 3 to 4 items. Otherwise, it will look over.

Face Accessories

Don’t forget to add facial accessories such as earrings, eye bags, hair, and makeup.

Additional things

To make the character more realistic, you can add additional things such as bandages, scars, and other items. For Instance: To describe the poor young boy, you can add wounds to his body. This will add sentimental value.


The Gacha Club library includes more than 300 items that your character can hold in his hand. It includes Umbrella, a Rose, a love letter, Candy, books, Electronic items, instruments, shopping bags, and more. Choose the prop that best suits the backstory.

Tip: Make changes to the hand gestures according. So that it looks like the character is holding the prop rather than flying in the air.

Background items

Selecting the background objects is really important. You can choose a variety of things to set in the background. The best thing is that players can easily customize the size of these items as well.

For Instance: If you are creating the scene of a park, you can add swings, a bench, birds, and pets as well.


Your drawing is now completed. Now, it is a time of color everything. It is recommended to use nude and pastel colors. Select only 3 to 5 colors for your complete drawing. Select the color of the hair, clothes, hair, and other Accessories as per the backstory

Certain tips:
  • For a fair skin tone guy, choose dark color outfits.
  • The hair color should be different from the eye color
  • Try to create a contrast of the colors
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Step 3: Developing Stage

The developing stage includes creating a profile of your character, adding a back story, creating family and friends, and setting the aim of the character.

Fill up the Profile Section

First, you are required to create the profile of the Character. For this, select a cute name for the character and add it to the club that suits its personality. Don’t forget to add who created the character. You can add only your first name instead the full name. Add a short description or quote from the character. Set the birthday date and age.

Family and Friends

Parents play an important role in every child’s life. According to your backstory, create your character’s family, friends, and siblings.

Set Character’s main goal

It is the main climax of the game. The character you created must have some life goals. What steps should be taken by the character to get succeed in his mission?

Gacha Club Characters Outfit Ideas

People from all around the world have shared the best Gacha Club Outfit Ideas. Let us look at some Gacha Club Character and Outfit Ideas for inspiration.

Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyle defines the personality of the person. Choosing the best hairstyle that suits the personality is really important. Some ideas are

Gacha Club Characters


Gacha Club Characters

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Boys Outfit Ideas

You will find numerous options under boys’ outfits, from School Uniforms to Casuals and Formals. So dress up your character according to your backstory.

Boys Outfit Ideas


Gacha Club Characters

Girls Outfit

Whether it is in real life or in gaming, you will find countless Girls Outfits ideas. Choose the ones that better describe your character.

Gacha Club Characters


Girls Outfit Ideas


Gacha Club

Final Words

That’s a complete guide on How to Create Gacha Club Characters, along with some ideas. Gacha Club is an exciting game to play. It is one of the family-friendliest games that are suitable for kids as well as mature players. Wanna trying this game for the first time? Then this tutorial guide proves to be helpful for you. Keep sharing it with your family and friends.

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