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Games and Technology in the Year 2020



Technology in the Year 2020

It is quite undeniable that games may be considered as something that has been keeping us sane in this modern age. As technology seems to have found a way to further improve itself, we are indeed introduced to tons of game advancements that have heightened the gaming experiences that we had once known of. 

When we speak about game improvements, we do not only talk about mobile games. We also cover the innovations of online casinos like bit casino. This bitcoin casino adds new games every month to keep its users entertained and hooked. Like them, several other game developments have also occurred to make online gaming a better experience. 

Now, let us take a look at how technology has shaped gaming into the exciting thing that we now enjoy today. 

Stunning graphics

Games let us enter unknown worlds and experience a surreal time by tackling its agenda. Even before, game graphics have never failed to keep us hooked into the games that we have chosen to play. 

Now, we have come a long way from 8-bit graphics as we are introduced to realistic graphics that really make you step into the world of your favorite characters. With detailed textures, each strand of hair, drop of blood or of sweat, as well as the character’s pores would seem like they were just in front of you. 

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Smooth gameplay

Our gadgets have really been accustomed to games. Gladly, technology has evolved further and enables players to play lag-free. With the introduction of cellphone processors like Snapdragon and computers like the Republic of Gamers (ROG), players may now experience a smoother gaming experience like they never had before. 


Consoles and PCs are not the only platforms where we can enjoy games. With smartphones and other portable gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch, players can actually play anytime and anywhere they wish to. 

With smartphones, people need not worry about being unable to play even when they are outside their homes. They also need not worry about bringing an extra item inside their bags as the smartphone can contain exciting games already. 


With the internet, players can now enjoy a variety of games that they wish to play. Whether it may be slot games, online casinos, shooting games, RPGs, puzzle games, or some other types, one can easily download it for easy access anytime. 

The great thing about technology is that it gives a plethora of options. In fact, there are so many game options available nowadays that it would be impossible for an individual to play all the games that exist today. 

Virtual reality 

Technology can now really make us literally step into the world of our favorite games. With virtual reality, players can now enjoy an immersive world by wearing a special eyepiece that leads players to another dimension. 

Popular games of 2020

Now that we have already walked you through the technological advancements that revolutionized gaming in 2020, here are some games that happened to be the most popular among gamers this year!

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Animal Crossing

Available on: Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Wii

Call of Duty: Warzone

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The Last of Us Part II

Available on: PlayStation 4

DOOM Eternal

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Available on: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Linux


Overall, technology has indeed revolutionized gaming. As the years go by, technological advancements just keep on coming, thus elevating the standards of gaming. With more games that are yet to be launched and with a more advanced technology that is yet to come, players can only look forward to how gaming will continue to evolve. 

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