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Gaming Genres Everyone Should Try



Gaming Genres

When you pick up a pastime, you want to make sure you can get as much mileage out of it as possible. Although most of the hobbies you come across will entertain you for long periods, there are some that you might grow bored of rather quickly. This can be frustrating and put you in a cycle of constantly trying out new pastimes. With this in mind, finding a hobby with a lot of opportunity and versatility is a great thing.


One hobby that would fit this description would be gaming, and there are many reasons why it is hard to get bored of gaming. First of all, there are always new games being released. Every month, there are dozens of new games which are going to come out for you to try. This means even if you only played new releases, you would be entertained for as long as you like.


There are also some amazing old titles out there that you could enjoy. Even if a game does not have the great graphics of today, it does not mean it is not fun to play. Finally, there is just such a wide catalog of games in terms of franchises and genres. You will not be stuck for a choice when it comes to gaming. You could play a new game every day for a year and still barely make a dent in the available games.


If you are looking to expand your gaming taste, then a good way to do this would be to explore various genres. Trying out one game in one genre could open up the door to a whole new area of gaming that you didn’t realize. With that in mind, here are some gaming genres that you should definitely try out.

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Casino Games

Casino games are a great option for anyone who likes to game in their own time. Most casino games are relatively high-paced with a short duration. This means that if you have 5 minutes to play, then you are still going to have a great time. If you do want to play more for longer, then you can just keep playing more and more rounds.


Online casino games have become extremely popular for this reason, as well as many others. You do not need a gaming console to play casino games, which means you can save a lot of money if you choose to pursue this gaming genre. If you want to try some casino games out for yourself, you can play with ease these days simply through the web browser of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All the classics and even new ones are available to play online these days, whether it’s slots, blackjack, baccarat, and many more long-time favorites.


Regarding the latter, its modern computer format has become quite popular in recent years – you can play video poker with real money through many casino platforms from the comfort of your home without having to go to a real, in-person casino. Video poker is actually a little different from its standard counterpart; it’s based on five-card draw poker but played on a computerized console very similar in size to a traditional slot machine. Its gameplay is contained and can be enjoyed both online and offline. Also, there are numerous variations of video poker due to the game being computerized – a level of variation making it all the more interesting to play.

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Shooter Games

The shooter genre might be one of the biggest in the gaming world. A lot of people, when they think of gaming, they think of shooters. This is because it is just such a high-paced and action-packed experience for any gamer. Franchises such as Call of Duty and Battlefield have done a really good job of packing a lot of action into each of their releases.


As gameplay, graphics, and development get better in these games, they just become more enjoyable. Due to this being such a popular option when it comes to gaming genres, it is definitely one that everyone should try out when they own a gaming console.

Horror Games

Horror games were not always the most popular option when it came to video games. When the technology was not there in the early days of game development, it did not work out. Poor graphics and lagging gameplay took the scare out of the games. However, with the way developers are able to make games now, it is a totally different story.


Now, these games are truly terrifying and immersive. It is almost as if you are playing inside of a horror movie. The genre was revolutionized by franchises such as Outlast and Resident Evil.

Sports Games

If you are a fan of sports, then it is a no-brainer that you give games in this genre a go. The likes of EA Sports have been able to put all the brilliant elements of sport into video games.


From football to basketball to soccer, there are so many amazing sports games out there for you to enjoy. Part of what makes these games so great is playing with friends. There can be a either competitive or team spirit atmosphere during a session with friends.

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