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Garena Free Fire: Get 40% discount on all emotes today ! Check details



Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass


  • Garena Free Fire gamers can use Google Play Store credit to purchase diamonds.
  • Participating in Free Fire gaming events can also help you to win free emotes.
  • Free Fire emotes can be used to troll enemies in the game.

Garena Free Fire is popular for in-game exclusive cosmetics like Characters, Pets, Bundles, and Emotes. However, these items are quite expensive and players need to use Diamonds. Diamonds are in-game cosmetics of Garena Free Fire which also need to be obtained with real-world money or Rupees. Well in this blog post you will read about a special discount offer which is only available for two days – Free Fire Emotes Discount up to 40% off.

The use of emotes adds to the fun of the game. Players are provided with an option to choose their favorite emotes before entering into the game, which ultimately helps them to test the emotes before proceeding with the purchase of the final emotes.

Here is the complete list of emotes available in the store, along with their respective rates:

  • Top DJ – 359 diamonds
  • Challenge On! – 239 diamonds
  • Shimmy – 239 diamonds
  • Fancy Hands – 239 diamonds
  • One Finger Pushup – 239 diamonds
  • Top Scorer – 239 diamonds
  • Sii! – 239 diamonds
  • The Victor – 239 diamonds
  • Bhangra – 239 diamonds
  • Bring It On! – 239 diamonds
  • Kongfu – 239 diamonds
  • Death glare – 239 diamonds
  • LOL – 239 diamonds
  • Party Dance – 239 diamonds
  • Shake It Up – 239 diamonds
  • Wiggle walk – 239 diamonds
  • Moon Flip – 239 diamonds
  • Shake With Me – 239 diamonds
  • Threaten – 239 diamonds
  • Dangerous Game – 239 diamonds
  • Baby Shark – 239 diamonds
  • Provoke – 239 diamonds
  • Hello! – 119 diamonds
  • Applause – 119 diamonds
  • Dab – 119 diamonds
  • Arm Wave – 119 diamonds.
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How to Get Emotes in Free Fire?

Here are the eight simple steps to get free fire emotes in Free Fire:

Step-1: You need to log in.

Step-2: You should patiently wait for the main menu to come up

Step-3: When the main menu opens, just head to the top right corner of your mobile screen to search the in-game store icon

Step-4: You just need to click on the collection page

Step-5: You should check through the wide range of emotes available in the store

Step-6: You need to click on the buy option to get your favorite  Free Fire emotes

Step-7: You should use Google Play Store credit to buy diamonds. Thereafter, You need to use those diamonds to pay for the emotes you buy.

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