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Gathering Evidence: How to Get CCTV Footage of Your Auto Accident



Experiencing an auto accident is always scary and overwhelming, but there are a few critical things you should know. When accidents occur, it’s not long before lawyers get involved.

Each party will gather as much evidence as possible to prove that the accident wasn’t their fault. It’s critical that you’re prepared to defend yourself, especially if the accident wasn’t because of your wrongdoing.

CCTV footage is one of the ways you can prove your innocence because of how widespread CCTV cameras are. If you’re wondering, “how do I get CCTV footage,” this is everything you need to know.

What Is CCTV Footage? 

CCTV footage is closed-circuit television. It describes the process of using video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific set of monitors. CCTV is often located in public spaces to protect businesses from crime.

You may see CCTV footage at a gas station or in a shopping mall, usually by the entrances and exits. There are often cameras on the road as well to help law enforcement catch rulebreakers.

There could be someone watching the footage in real-time on the monitors. It also can be recorded for future viewing purposes.

Who Owns the Footage? 

The footage is usually owned by the establishment that the camera is on. For example, a store manager is responsible for the camera outside of their shop.

Traffic cameras are more complicated because they could be owned by either public or private agencies. If a public agency owns it, you will have to go through the municipal government using a formal letter. If it’s a private agency, you will also need to write a formal letter, but they’re not required to turn the video over if they choose not to.

The Process of Getting CCTV Footage 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of red tape involved in gathering CCTV footage. Because this footage is important car accident evidence, this is a good time to hire a lawyer.

An experienced legal team like can determine the locations of all cameras in the vicinity of the accident and contact the parties who own this footage.

They can also complete all the formal letters required to obtain this footage and get a Subpeona from the court if necessary. A legal team will also know how to store, send, and review the correct video files. This ensures that the video is entered into your case successfully.

Now You Know How to Get CCTV Footage of Your Accident 

These are all the reasons why CCTV footage is important to your legal case and how you can go about obtaining it. Because the process isn’t simple, it’s best to hire a legal time to track down the footage for you. This will save you both time and stress and it also increases your chance of success.

Successfully obtaining this footage is critical because it could mean the difference between winning or losing a case. So, don’t wait any longer! Get your CCTV footage today.

And for more information related to auto accidents, be sure to check out our blog. We have a ton of other great articles that you’ll also love!


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