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Get Ready For a New Off-Road Vehicle in GTA Online



GTA Online

Being an avid gamer, you must have been waiting for a new update in the space. Well, then your search is now over as GTA online is all set to add a new off-road vehicle as a part of its recent New Perico series.

Rockstar Games continues to add the thrilling factor to Grand Theft Auto with frequent updates and enticing content. But this time, it is all set to take your thrill to another level by introducing a new off-roading experience.

This latest update not just comes up with the Cayo Perico series of races, but also adds an extreme off-road vehicle. Developers have described this extreme vehicle as Desclasse Draugur and called it the bare-bones legend of all off-roading options available to date.

It will going to be the perfect addition to your GTA Online experience and will give you an edge over other players in the new Cayo Perico series. This powerful vehicle is no less than a nightmare for those using it inappropriately.

Get this vehicle right away from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and enjoy a free Gray Yeti Flat Cap to multiply the experience by manifolds.

What’s New in GTA’s Cayo Perico Series?

Since this off-roading vehicle, Declasse Draugur, is introduced to the new Cayo Perico series, it’s good to uncover a bit more about this update. This will help you ride this vehicle in a much better way.

This series is going to boast 10 different races to drive through while combining both street and off-road sections to add more thrill to it. Additionally, it allows players to race through El Rubio’s Fortified Compound and the beaches that surround that.

Developers will offer all Cayo Perico series participants RP and twice the GTA$ for the rest of the week in all their generosity.

Speaking more of it, this series also features a metal detector treasure hunt, that begins with gamers using a metal detector to search the beaches of Los Santos. Their aim is to find the map and bring it to the island of Cayo Perico. The single catch for GTA Online Players is to find the metal detector to commence the hunt.

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