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Get Sponsored! How to Get Brands to Notice You



Influencers are becoming more of a huge deal on social media, and brands are taking notice. In fact, the top American Influencer Awards just concluded, recognizing some of the biggest influencers in beauty.

If you’re an influencer, you’re probably wondering how to get sponsored. How do you get brands to notice you?

Learn how by following these super simple tips.

Establish a Brand

If you’re wondering how to become an influencer and get noticed by big brands, you have to start by establishing a brand yourself. Think about what you want to post about, what type of content you want to share, feed themes, and your messaging.

This is where you want to add personal details and create a unique story. What makes you and your posts distinguishable and unique? In essence, what’s your story?

Build a Loyal Audience

One of the biggest tips you’ll find when looking up influencer marketing tips is to build a loyal audience. Not all followers are created equal—you want to attract and focus on the ones that trust you and engage with your content.

You also need to understand your audience. Gather some basic demographic information to get started. Next, use analytics and tools to determine which of your posts they like the most, as well as the times that you have the most engagement.

Brands are far more likely to consider you if you have a loyal audience.

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Use the Right Hashtags

It’s not a great idea to go crazy with the hashtags. Instead, choose around nine or so relevant ones.

Avoid broad hashtags with too many posts. Tags like that have too much competition, and your post might get lost. Visit a hashtag page to see what type of content goes there and whether it’s a good fit for your post.

Use geotags so local businesses can find you easier. Geotags also let you target more followers in a specific area or location.

Tag Brands

One of the best and easiest ways to get a brand to notice you is to tag them! Tag your favorite brands in your posts, so they’ll get a notification.

If you want to get sponsored, it’s best to target smaller brands, so they’re more likely to notice you and interact.

Feeling a little lost? Not sure which brands to focus on? You can find more tips on using the right hashtags, tagging brands, and other influencer marketing tips at

Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

Lastly, remember to post regularly to keep your audience engaged. Think about posting daily, but if you can’t, post on a regular schedule. Brands want to see that you’re posting enough to keep your followers interested and that you continue to accumulate new followers.

Posting at least once a day can help you get those new followers.

It’s also important to know the best times to post and the types of content that gets the best reactions. You can use analytics for this.

Get Sponsored With These Tips

Being an influencer is a lot of work, and you need to understand your audience and your brand to gain any traction. If you want to get sponsored by your favorite brands, start with these tips.

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If you’re interested in learning more, check out our other posts for advice and tips!

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