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Gmail gets ‘Storage used’ indicator, here’s how to clean up Google account’s storage space



Gmail Package Tracking Feature


  • Users have the option to use a Gmail-only configuration
  • Select users will see the new Gmail layout by default
  • Storage used feature sports a cloud with four colours of Google

Gmail is bringing a host of new design changes including the Material You redesign in Gmail for Web, Gmail-only view, and the ‘Storage used’ indicator for Gmail on Android and iOS. The Material You redesign is changing the default white background in Gmail for Web to a faint blue colour. The redesign also supports a Gmail only interface that gives users greater flexibility to specify the apps they would like included in their new view.

Finally, a ‘storage use’ indicator is also being introduced on Gmail for Android and iOS, thus making it easier for the users to manage space across their Google accounts. On the Gmail mobile app, the Storage used feature can be accessed by tapping on account switcher icon on the top right. The storage used detail can be found right under Manage your Google Account. The option features a cloud with all the four colours of Google towards the left, and the information regarding the percentage of storage used and the storage capacity you’ve subscribed to right beside it.

There are also shortcuts to buy additional storage or “clean up” existing space that opens the Google One app to the Storage manager tool. Google Photos already has a similar progress bar and Drive hides one in the navigation bar. So, Gmail getting the feature as well isn’t particularly surprising. What do you think of the new Storage used indicator in Gmail for iOS and Android? Will you find it useful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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What happens with Gmail if the Storage limit cross?

As soon as the amount of data you’re using reaches a certain threshold, Gmail displays a warning in your inbox. After three months of being over quota, Gmail displays the message, “You can’t send or receive emails because you’re out of storage space.”

At this point, you’re able to access all messages in your account, but you can’t send or receive new emails. To resume normal service, reduce the amount of data in your account to below the storage quota.

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