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Gmail will soon let you make voice or video calls to your contacts



How to make calls via Gmail


  • Gmail got a big update that brings voice and video calls to the app.
  • Google has been experimenting with voice and video chat apps for years.
  • This enables Google to proceed with the expected shutdown of the Hangouts app.

Gmail has long been the alternative to professional office suites for a small business. Instead of buying an office suite, Google has an email platform and online word processing tools. Additionally, Gmail lets you chat directly with clients and customers who are on your contact list. You can even have video calls with your business clients through Gmail.

Just as with Skype and many other programs that use VoIP technology for communication, Google has its tool for making voice and video calls. Gmail will be the central hub for a hybrid work environment. That’s why all the new Workspace features that Google unveils from time to time impact the overall Gmail experience.

The Workspace changes also include a broader redesign of Gmail that makes it a hub for other activities. You’ll now see Google’s promised “spaces,” a renamed and expanded version of Rooms chat channels with full threaded messages, and the option of making spaces visible in search. Rather than scheduling calls and using other apps, including Google’s own apps, users can just get on a call following an email exchange or a Spaces collaboration.

Free programs such as Skype, ooVoo, and gChat permit you to chat with other people anywhere in the world. Before you can chat, the other person must be online and using the same software platform. A person using Skype, for example, cannot connect to a friend on ooVoo. The new feature will solve this problem.

How to Make Voice and Video Calls in Gmail?

The first time you start a video call on your computer, you have to grant Hangouts the right to use your camera and microphone. You need to download and install the Hangouts plugin on any browser other than Chrome.

  • Go to your Hangouts page or to the sidebar in Gmail.
  • Click the name of a person in the contacts list. Click additional names to start a group video call.
  • Click the video camera icon.
  • Enjoy your video call. When you’re finished, click the End call icon, which looks like a hung-up telephone receiver.

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