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Does Golf with Your Friends Have Cross-Play in 2022? (Explained)



Golf with your friends is one of the popular video games that let you choose between multiplayer mode or playing alone mode. This game is accessible on many devices like PC, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. Fans are keen to know whether Golf with your Friends offer Cross-Play in 2022 or not.

It is a wonderful mini golf game that offers a flawless experience to the players. Its exciting features have the capability to bind the players till the end of the game. The game lets the players customize trails, caps, and skin.

Many players have a query “Is Golf with your friends Cross-Play?” If you are excited to know, read the whole post till the end to get all information regarding Golf with your Friends Cross-Play.

Overview of the game-  Golf with your Friends

This fun game is designed by an Australian developer Blacklight interactive and was published by Team 17 in the year 2016. You can play this game with up to 12 players. You can play this game on multiple platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

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YouTube and Twitch Streamers are really crazy for the game. It is a fun-filled game with a total of 13 levels. Players have to score 234 times to become Pro players. It is really easy to start a game but as the level increases, the game becomes challenging.

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What is Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-Play Gaming is the latest trending feature that lets players play the game with each other, irrespective of the platform they are using. Now, you can play the game with your friend, no matter which hardware device he/she uses.

For Instance, Suppose you are playing the game on PS5 whereas one of your School friends used to play the game on PC. This feature removes the hardware barrier. So you can play freely with your friend easily.

It is really a wonderful feature both for players as well as the developers of the game. It is the best way to keep the players engaged in gaming. A spectacular way to increase the game base.

Platforms where Golf with your Friends is Available

The game is available on the following platforms

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S – through backward compatibility
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility
  • Nintendo Switch

Is Golf with your Friends Cross-Platform in 2022?

The name of the game – Golf with your friends suggests that the game will definitely allow Crossplay. But the answer will definitely surprise you. Disheartedly, Golf with your Friends does not provide a Cross Platform Compatibility feature.

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So, you can Golf only with your friends if they are using the same consoles. It means that a person playing on a certain device will only be able to play with another player that is using the same platform.

Reasons Why Golf with your Friends does not support Cross Platform

These might be speculated reasons that the game does not support the Cross Platform feature:

  • This game has a great number of players on every platform. So, it is quite an expensive and typical task to provide cross-play support due to Matchmaking errors
  • Cross Platform is challenging with a lack of resources

Presently, the game does not support Cross Play Feature. But the makers of the game are working on the improvements and bug fixes. So, there is a hope that the game will provide the cross-play feature soon in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Where can you access Golf with your Friends?

The game is available free of charge on Xbox. The players can purchase the game for £15.99 on the PlayStation Store and for £16.32 ($19.99) on the Is Golf with Friends Cross Platform. PC Players will be able to buy the game for £6.99 from the Steam commercial center.

Q2: Do Golf with Friends Support Cross Platform?

Sadly, the game lacks the feature of Cross Platform. However, there is a possibility that in near future, the game does support the Cross Platform feature.

Q3: Does the game Golf with Your Friends Cross generation?

You will be happy to know that the game provides backward Compatibility. For those who are unversed, PS5 players can play the game with PS4 players. Similarly, Xbox Series X/S owners can cross-play with Xbox One owners.

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Q4: Is Golf with your Friends Support Crossplay between PC and PS5?

The game does not support Crossplay between PC and PS5. So a PC player will not be able to play with a PS5 player. Only players with the same platforms will be able to play together.

Q5: Is Golf with your friend Cross-Play with Xbox One and PC?

No, the game doesn’t support cross Play between Xbox One and PC. So Xbox One player will not be able to play with a PC player.

Final Words

That’s all about Golf with Your Friends Crossplay. Sadly the game lacks the most wanted feature, but it is definitely worth playing this thrilling game. If you’re looking for a fun game to play with the family, then Golf with your friends is a good option.

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