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Google adds Journeys, new actions, more widgets for Chrome users



Easter Eggs

Google Chrome browser introduced a new Journeys feature that will help users to organise browsing history. With this feature, users can group the sites as per the topic or category. The new feature will show you a list of relevant sites you visited when you type a related word into your search bar and click on “Resume your research” or visit the Chrome History Journeys page. With this, you can quickly pick up where you left off and don’t have to navigate to the site/page again.

Google Chrome now allows users to change the background and colour of the browser. This feature allows users to make a different background for different Chrome profiles. You can change Chrome’s background and colour by going to the Customize Chrome option given below a new tab of Chrome.

 Google Chrome other Major Changes

Google Chrome

The new Chrome Actions of the Google browser will help users to save time by helping them get more things done directly from the address bar. The Chrome address bar can also predict when you could benefit from a Chrome Action based on the typed words. The new Actions added by Chrome are View your Chrome history, Manage accessibility settings, Share this tab, Play Chrome Dino game, and others.

Google added some new Chrome widgets for Android smartphones with the new features. These new Chrome widgets can help you to quickly start a text search, voice search, Lens search or open an Incognito tab right from your home screen. You can also play the Chrome dino game directly from a shortcut available on Chrome.

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Google Chrome browser also introduced a tab search that will help users to search for a specific tab among the many tabs open on the browser. This will come in handy when a user opens multiple tabs and finds it difficult to find a particular tab. The new tab search feature will make the search easy. To search for a specific tab open in Google Chrome, users need to click on the tab search icon at the top Chrome window and enter a keyword for the tab they want to search.

New Chrome Actions

The Chrome users can now highlight a specific part of the page for the receiver before sharing the link with the new link sharing feature. The new feature will directly open the highlighted part of the page, instead of the top of the page after the receiver clicks on the shared link.

Sometimes we open multiple tabs on Google Chrome but forget to pause a music video or a video file. This makes it difficult to hear other audio files. The new feature will make it easier for users to mute audio from a specific tab. The Chrome Canary’s latest builds come with a new flag called “Tab audio muting UI control.” The new flag will enable a feature that will allow you to mute audio playing in any app with a single click after you activate the flag. The browser currently displays a sound indicator on the tab when audio is playing.

Google Chrome 99 update released on the beta channel has brought a new shortcut that will allow users to access downloads with a single click. The new shortcut is available in the toolbar at the top right corner of the browser. The shortcut is quite similar to the one seen in the Edge browser that turns blue when something is downloading and turns grey when the item is downloaded.

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