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Google adds memory and energy saving modes to Chrome to free up memory



Memory-saver mode releases memory from tabs users aren’t utilizing so that the website they’re now browsing runs as smoothly as feasible.

The memory usage of Google Chrome can be high, especially when there are many open tabs. One of the most RAM-hungry browsers is Chrome. However, Google has recently added enhancements, including the capacity to sleep dormant tabs and clear up memory automatically. Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes have been added to Chrome 108, which Google claims will improve battery life and performance. Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS will all get the two modes.

On a Google Chrome support page, it is now possible to customize the browser’s functionality. Chrome deactivates tabs you haven’t used in a while to conserve memory and keep active tabs functioning properly. Your idle tabs will still be accessible. According to the support website, an idle tab will immediately reload when you reopen it.

According to Google, the updated settings will ensure that Chrome users receive up to 10GB less memory so that their tabs will function properly and that the battery will last longer when it gets low.

Over the next few weeks, the company will internationally roll out “Memory Saver” and “Energy Saver” modes for Windows, ChromeOS, and macOS.

The energy saving mode on your laptop can be turned on when the battery level reaches 20%. After that, it will reduce Chrome’s background activities and restrict webpage visual features like animations and movies.

How to turn on memory and energy-saver mods?

Selecting Settings from the three dots menu in the browser’s top-right corner enables both performance modes (Opens in a new window). The modes can then be activated in a new section titled “Performance.”

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Google’s Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the company’s browser, received the Material You-style color-based themes last month.

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