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Google Allows You To Pay For Parking Using Voice: How It Works



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Google has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to pay for parking using their voice through a partnership with ParkMobile. The voice parking feature is as straightforward as it sounds. Once you park in a spot, say “Hey Google, pay for parking,” and follow Google Assistant’s prompts to pay from your phone.

This partnership is the latest example of Google’s push into transportation, including adding biking and ride-hailing in Google Maps, developing a digital key, and working with automakers to integrate its Android operating system in vehicles.

Google has announced several Android features that will enhance various experiences on the operating system. There will be significant upgrades to apps like the Gboard, Google Photos, Live Transcribe, Google Messages, and other functionalities.

Assistant parking and other new Android features

Google Maps feature to pay for parking is already available in 400 cities of the US. With the update, the Google Assistant will now be able to handle parking payments for the users.

Users can simply say “Hey Google, pay for parking” and the assistant will handle everything. It works by integrating Google Maps with Parkmobile.

The feature drop also brings improvements to Google TV by adding a personalized feed of entertainment, news, reviews, and additional content based on the user’s TV show interests. A new time screen widget is also coming that will tell users how much time they are spending on their Android device and what they’re doing on the phone or tablet.

Live Transcribe will now work offline

One of Google’s ‘brilliant apps’, the Live Transcribe accessibility app, that offers the quick speech-to-text conversion for the hard of hearing will get an update to work offline. According to Google, this will be helpful for conversations that happen in places without a reliable internet connection like subways, airplanes, etc as reported by The Verge. The app comes preloaded in Pixels and Samsung phones; other devices can download and install it.

Nearby Share feature gets an update

The Nearby Share used to share content conveniently is also getting an update. The feature allows users to share photos, videos, documents, links, audio, and entire folders between devices. With this update, users will be able to share the same with multiple people at the same time as long as the devices are running on at least Android 6.

Google is set to improve the Photos experience not just on Pixel devices but for all Android devices. For starters, Google announced that the videos sent as Google Photos links will play in the same resolution as the original.

Secondly, Google Photos’ portrait blur feature on Android will allow users to blur backgrounds in a wider range of photos, including pictures of pets, food, plants, etc. It will turn the photos that were taken on devices that do not have portrait modes into background-blurred portrait photos. Earlier the ‘portrait blur’ feature worked only on photos of people and was exclusively available to Google One and Pixel owners. The new feature drop will make it available to all Android devices inside the Google Photos app.

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