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Google Chrome Rolling Out Customisable User Profiles for Easier Switching



Google Chrome


  • Google chrome’s new feature will help users to swap user profiles in chrome.
  • Users can have separate bookmarks, saved passwords for different profiles.
  • Now, The update introduces only for all desktop users.
  • This is aimed toward making it simpler for customers to swap between these profiles and preserve their private area inside the browser.

Google Chrome is rolling out an update that allows users to customize profiles in the browser with colors and backgrounds. The purpose of this is to make it easier for users to exchange between these profiles and keep their personal space in the browser.

With the latest update, Every profile can have a color scheme, bookmarks, saved passwords of that selected person.

Currently, the new user profiles are only available on PC, with no word as of yet if they’ll make their way to Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of New Feature of Google Chrome

The function is very useful when different members of the family use a single laptop to get their work performed. Each member can create a color-coded profile within the browser, and enter a private area inside Chrome. When you’re using the browser, the color and background will make it clear whether or not you are logged into the right profile or not.

The new update also provides a Reading list feature to all android and desktop users. Earlier only iOS users have access to this feature. Now, You can save articles to read later in chrome which is a most demanding feature by users.

Earlier you need to swap between Google accounts to keep personalized extensions, apps, history, themes, and bookmarks for different users on shared computers, which require you to change your Google account every time. Now a new feature will solve this problem.

If you have multiple profiles set up, a “profile picker” will appear each time you restart Chrome, prompting you to select a user or browse as a guest.

Our View:

This is the kind of quality of life feature we love to see from Google. Bringing user-profiles helps users a way to organize everyone’s bookmarks, passwords, and preferences much more efficiently.

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