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Google Chrome Users Warned by Government About ‘High Severity’ Vulnerabilities



Google Chrome latest update


  • CERT-In has issued an advisory online
  • Google announced an update with security fixes earlier this month
  • The issues are marked by the agency with a “high” severity rating

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has warned Google Chrome users of a high-level threat. The cybercrime nodal agency highlighted some major vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser for the desktop. CERT-In wants Chrome users to immediately update the browser to the latest version. Google acknowledged the vulnerabilities and released a fix via a software update.

The cybercrime nodal agency CERT-In has highlighted some major vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome browser for desktops. The agency has given the threat a ‘Severity Rating’ of ‘HIGH’. The agency has highlighted the versions that are impacted by the multiple flaws and it has also provided a resolution that should be adhered to immediately.

The Issue and How to Update

The government agency informed that all the Google Chrome versions before 101.0.4951.41 have been subject to a new flaw in the software and the risk majorly prevails for the desktop users only. Google via its Chrome blog post has acknowledged the problems and has even listed 30 of such exposures. Out of these 30, seven have been classified as ‘high threat’. An official statement from Google reads that access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until a majority of users are updated with a fix. The company added that it will also retain restrictions if the bug exists in a third-party library that other projects similarly depend on, but haven’t yet fixed.

Google recently released Chrome 98

CERT-in has made an appeal to all the users to immediately update their chrome browser version to 101.0.4951.41.

Google recently released Chrome 98 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. “Chrome 98.0.4758.80/81/82 for windows and 98.0.4758.80 for Mac and Linux contains a number of fixes and improvements — a list of changes is available in the log,” Google said in an official blog post.

“This update includes 27 security fixes. Below, we highlight fixes that were contributed by external researchers,” it added.

Once the update is available,

Generally it is downloaded automatically, however, if it doesn’t, one needs to open the chrome browser and then go to the right corner and click on the three horizontal dots icon. After this, you need to find the settings option in the drop-down menu. Then click on the Help tab and then the About Google Chrome option. This would result in Chrome downloading any pending update.

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