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Google Drive new security update: Here’s how it may affect your existing files



Google Drive new security update


  • Google is lining up a major security update for the Google Drive cloud storage platform.
  • This will roll out on September 13 this year.
  • The major reason behind this update is to make file sharing more secure.

Google Drive is releasing a security update that will apply to some Drive files. The new Drive security update will be implemented on September 13 this year. The security update will make Google Drive files more secure by updating their links to include a resource key. The security update will be automatically applied to FamilyLink accounts with no option to remove the update. FamilyLink accounts won’t receive notifications from Google Drive.

How to check if any of your files are impacted?

Starting July 26, 2021, you can see your impacted files in your My Drive.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. At the top, find the security update banner and click See files.
  3. If you have multiple Drives with impacted files, click on one of your Drives, like My Drive, to see all impacted files in that Drive.

You can only view your impacted files for 30 days from when you receive the security update notification email from Drive. After 30 days, you can use advanced search to find your impacted files.

How will this security update change access to my impacted files?

Once the security update is applied to a file, a resource key included in the URL will be required to access the file. Users who previously accessed or viewed the file won’t need the resource key in the URL. Only people who haven’t previously accessed the file will need the resource key to gain access. If they don’t have the URL with the resource key, they’ll need to request access to the file.

You can apply or remove the security update for files you own in your My Drive and files you manage in Shared Drives. To apply or remove the security update when you’re in a file, at the top right click Share Get link  Settings check or uncheck Apply security update.  If you remove the security update from a file and then change your security update settings for your drive, the file won’t be impacted by the drive-level change.

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