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Google has added minimum OS requirement for apps on the Google Play Store



Google Play Store

Key Specifications:

  • Google brings a new update for Google Play Store.
  • The new update will inform users of the minimum Android version required to install an app
  • This function is now available on the Play Store version 29.2.13

Google recently rolls out a new update to the Play Store. The new update allows customers to check the status of a new app installation on their home screen. Google is currently rolling out a small but important update that informs users of the minimum Android version required to install an app from the Play Store. The Play Store version 29.2.13 now includes a new line item called “Android OS” under “App Info” which shows the minimum supported version.

Let’s take a closer look at the new update and the changes it brings

Google Play Store Gets A New Update, Here’s What’s New:

Google Play Store version 29.2.13 now displays an additional new sub-heading under the About this app page termed Android OS which indicates the minimum supported Android version. Each Android app needs to define the “minimum Android version” and “target Android version.” The minimum version specifies the oldest Android version that an app supports. While the target version refers to the Android version the app was built for.

The iOS-style indicators are a line item visible on the Google Play Store alongside Version, Updates On, Download, Offered By, Released On, and App Permissions. However, this new feature is not very useful as the Play Store already hides apps that your device does not support. For example, if an app works only for Android 7 and up, you will not be able to find it on the app store if you’re using a phone running Android 6.

The functionality has been accessible since the beginning of this month and is now extensively available in Google Play Store version 29.2.13. While the Google Play Store updates automatically by default, interested users may force it to do so by navigating to Profile icon > Settings > About and choosing the button for Update Play Store. Users may also manually download the APK from a trustworthy source (such as APKMirror) and install it.

Also, the Google Play Store added a new feature that shows a circular install indicator on your home screen when you start downloading an app.

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