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Google introduces custom emojis to Chat for web versions and Gmail



Custom Emojis on Google Chat

Tech giant Google has rolled out custom emojis to its Chat for personalised experience. People find emojis a great way to express themselves. All coworkers have access to and can use the custom emojis that employees upload in Chat messages and comments.

These Custom emojis will only be available to Google Workspace users who are part of an organization. Admins will have full control over the feature, and can set organizational guidelines and “designate emoji managers who can browse and delete custom emojis that do not adhere to the company’s guidelines.”

Google rolls out Custom Emojis feature on the web version of Chat

Users will have a choice to create custom emojis on the web versions of Chat or Gmail if the feature is enabled for their organisational unit. Unfortunately, it is not available for the users with personal Google accounts. The Custom emojis uploaded by employees can be viewed and used by all colleagues in Chat messages and comments.

As per the blogpost,

“Before launching to end users, admins can set organizational guidelines and designate emoji managers who can browse and delete custom emojis that do not adhere to the company’s guidelines. These admin controls will begin rolling out before the end user functionality to create custom emojis is available.”

The feature is currently rolling out for admins and is expected to be available for end users in November.

How to create Custom Emojis?

Users will be able to make custom emojis in the web version of Chat or Gmail by heading to the “Create” button in the emoji picker. From here, you can upload a custom image for your emoji, and give it a descriptive name.

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In related news, company had rolled out the ability to send multiple photos and videos simultaneously via its Chat.

Users were able to select more than one image or video at a time when sending a message in Google Chat. This feature was available across iOS devices and Android devices.

The Google Chat media picker allowed users to pick up to 20 photos and videos to send at one go.

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