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Google Maps to get new updates to make it look like the real world



Google Maps

Google Search On event 2022 brings four new features to Google Maps. Google is working on a visual and intuitive map that allows the user to experience a place as if they are really there. During the annual event, the company showed us four new ways Google Maps has been upgraded.

Google LLC is hopeful that a coming series of updates to Google Maps will inspire more people to use the application to plan their daily travels. The company says all of the features announced today are part of its efforts to build a visual-first Maps experience to help users navigate the world more naturally.

Immersive View

It is one of the most awaited features that was spotted in May 2022. The immersive View feature is designed to help you plan ahead and get a deeper understanding of a city before you visit it. This feature is a combination of computer vision and AI technology to fuse together Street View and aerial imagery with what the weather, traffic, and crowds will be like on a given day and time.

The feature allows users to explore by visually soaring over an area to see what it may look like. Using predictive modeling, the Immersive view automatically learns historical trends to determine what an area will be like tomorrow, next week, or even next month.

For example, say you’re planning to visit Oracle Park in San Francisco and want to check it out before you go. You can use Immersive View to see where the parking lots and entrances are, and also see what the weather will be like so you can dress accordingly. You can also use the feature to glide down to a street level to see how busy nearby restaurants will be on that given day.

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The Company is launching this feature in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo in the coming months on Android and iOS. Google says it will add more cities in the future.

Vibe check before you visit

While visiting a new neighborhood, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth exploring, and what’s new. Soon, Google plans to launch a new neighborhood vibe feature. This feature will definitely help you to select a neighborhood and see the most popular spots come to life through photos and information from the Google Maps community on the map.

Google uses AI with local information to determine the vibe of a neighborhood. It will also factor in reviews, photos, and videos. Neighborhood vibe starts rolling out globally in the coming months on Android and iOS.

Search with Live View

Three years ago, Google introduced a way through which people could orient themselves while walking with Live View. This feature overlays arrows and directions right on top of the world. Now, Google is expanding the underlying technology to launch a new feature called search with Live View.

The new Search with Live View feature lets you use your camera to find essential places like shops, ATMs, and restaurants when you’re on the go. Say you’re in a place that you’re unfamiliar with and you want to find the nearest ATM, you can lift up your camera and search to instantly see the ATMs in the area.

You can also spot different places — including coffee shops, grocery stores, and transit stations. Google will show the business hours and how busy a place is. Search with Live View starts rolling out in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo in the coming months on Android and iOS.

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Eco-friendly routing for developers

In addition, Google announced that developers will soon be given the option to enable Maps’ eco-friendly routing in their apps. Google Map’s eco-friendly routing lets drivers see and choose the most fuel-efficient route to their destinations.

The Company first rolled out these features in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Now, Google will soon expand this same technology to third-party developers through Google Maps Platform.

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