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Google Messages: Messages on Android receives support for iMessage reactions and other features




Google Messages receives multiple new features, also including some iPhone features like iMessage reactions. Apart from that, Google Messages’ other new features, includes a photo editing tool that will allow users to blur images within the chat, a grammar correction tool, and live transcription, among others. AndroidThe messaging app also has a new feature where one-time passwords are deleted after 24 hours.

Google Messages new features

Let us discuss all the upcoming features in detail

Google Messages now support iMessage Reactions.

That means when your iOS friend reacts to any of your messages, you will see that reaction as an emoji, as opposed to it showing up in plain text earlier. This functionality recently started rolling out in Messages beta and is now reaching the general audience. This feature will start on devices that are set to English. The feature for other languages will be available later.

You will also be able to share high-quality videos to iOS users as Google Photos links and this will start for high-quality photos too. More features like Message Categories (Personal and Business), deletion of OTP messages after 24 hours, nudges to follow up on messages, and birthday reminders, are also coming in.

Separate tab for Business and Personal chats

Google Messages is rolling out a new way to declutter your chatbox. Now you can have separate tabs for personal as well as business messages. Additionally, users can set one-time password messages to be automatically deleted after 24 hours to help reduce the clutter even more. Originally launched in India, this is now expanding to the US.

Portrait Blur

The Portrait Blur feature, which was exclusive to Google One and Pixel users previously, is now available for more subjects such as pets, food, plants, and more. This feature allows you to blur the background of a photo even after clicking the photo.

Live transcription feature

Google develops the new live transcription feature in collaboration with Gallaudet University. This university is primarily for people, who are deaf or have some hearing issues. This feature allows users to transcribe speech to text in real-time. The live transcription feature initially came pre-installed in Samsung and Google Pixel phones and now it is free to download for other Android devices as well.

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