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Google New update features: Major updates for Android Users





  • Google introduces new update features for Android Users.
  • 6 new Android features have been introducing by the company.
  • The company is rolling out password checkups, schedule messages, and other features.

Google has added new features to Android. The latest update will help improve battery life and gives users the ability to do more with their smartphones and go hands-free.

Google New update features: Major Changes

1. Schedule a text message

The feature will allow users to schedule a text message by holding down the send button after typing the message. Users will be able to set a time and date to send these text messages.

The ability to schedule send’ is coming to the Messages app on devices running on Android 7 or later.

2. Password Checkup now works across Android apps

This feature will help users know whether the password used previously has been exposed or not. If it finds any information, Google says that it will alert the users to take necessary action to safeguard their accounts. This feature will be available on Android smartphones running on Android 9 or above.

3.Dark Mode comes to Google Maps

Google is finally adding a true dark mode throughout the entire app. Prior to the latest update, Google Maps only offered a dark mode when you were actively using navigation mode.

Once Google Maps updates on your Android phone or tablet, you can turn dark mode on all the time by going to Settings > Theme and then select Always in Dark Theme.

4. TalkBack is getting easier to use

Google’s TalkBack accessibility feature is getting a big update to help blind or low vision users navigate and use their Android devices. There are new gestures, navigation options, spoken feedback, and menus.

5. Android Auto made more interesting

The new features to Android Auto include more custom wallpapers, voice-activated games, split-screen for cars. The split-screen feature will enable users to view Maps and media controls at the same time. The new features will be available on devices running on Android 6 or above.

6. Other Improvements:

Google Assistant is getting improvements when you use voice commands to interact with the digital assistant when your screen is off and the device is locked.

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