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Google Pay new feature in India allow users to delete transaction history



Google Pay new feature


  • Google has announced a major change in its payment app.
  • This change is best in terms of the privacy of the users.
  • This feature will be released with the new update of Google Pay.

With this feature of Google Pay, users can delete or tokenize their last 10 UPI transactions. This will not allow Google access to these transactions. A credit card or debit card is a tokenized process by which sensitive data is removed from the company’s internal network.

With this update, users will have more control over the transaction history of Google Pay

In this, the data is replaced with any other data. For example, suppose your card number is 1234-5678-9012-3456, After converting it to a token, this becomes KRI9955ISH2.

 How to delete Google Pay transaction history:

  •  Open your ‘Google Chrome’.
  •  Type ‘’ and search.
  •  Search option result appears. Click on ‘Google Account’ (Where you can manage your info, activity, security options, and privacy preference).
  •  A new page will appear, select the third option ‘Data & personalization.
  •  After that tap on the ‘My Activity option.
  •  Select the three parallel lines (Top-left corner of the page)

  •  Then from ‘Google my activity’. Select the ‘Delete activity by’ option.
  •  A new page will appear asking you to select the topic or product to delete.
  •  In the ‘Delete by date’ option. You have to select ‘Day’ (For example Today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days an all-time). If you want to delete all then select the ‘All time’ option.
  •  After that, select a date (For example: After 17th March, before 17th March)
  •  From ‘All products’, select the ‘Google Pay’ option.
  •  At last, tap on the ‘Delete’ option. A pop will appear ‘Before you delete’, Click on ‘Ok’.
  •  Another pop-up will appear asking you ‘Delete all of your Google pay activity?’. Scroll down and click on the ‘Delete’ option.
  •  After deleting, a new pop will appear asking you to ‘View controls’. Click on the ‘Close’ option.

Apart from UPI, the company will also allow the user to conduct contactless card transactions. For this also, tokenized debit or credit card will be used. Google will store only those data which can be used for the transaction.

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