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Google Photos for Web Gets ‘Memories’ Carousal After Android and iOS Apps



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  • Relive your best memories with new features from Google Photos.
  • As part of the new search tab, you’ll see an interactive map view of your photos and videos.
  •  You can pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of your travels.

The “Memories” carousel will soon make its way to Google Photos on the web. Google said that the feature would be accessible on practically any device after this update. For those unaware, the Memories carousel appears on top of the Android and iOS versions of the Google Photos app. This section curates a bunch of photos and videos from your recent trip or past highlights.

Like the Android and iOS apps, a carousel will appear above your reverse chronological grid of pictures and videos. Google Photos is taking advantage of the wide-screen real estate available on desktops by switching from portrait to landscape cards. When you access Google Photos on a browser, Memories will appear at the top. It will present a selected collection of slideshows made out of the user’s old and new photos. Users can also choose to hide images of specific people or time periods from appearing in Memories.

You can also customize which types of memories — Previous years, Recent highlights, Themed memories — you want to see from within settings. And like on mobile, you can also hide people and pets and photos of specific periods from appearing in memories. Google says any content you have previously hidden on other devices will not appear on the desktop. Finally, if you don’t want to see memories at all, you can disable them entirely as well.

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Streamlined sharing with the people who matter

One of the best parts of revisiting your memories is sharing them with the people who made those moments special. In the coming months, it’ll be even easier to send photos directly to your friends or family within the app. Those photos will now be added to an ongoing, private conversation so there’s one place to find the photos you’ve shared with each other and keep the conversation going. And as always, photos you share in Google Photos are the same quality as the photos you back up and you can easily save photos shared with you to your library.

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