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Google remove apps with misleading names, graphics from the Play Store



Google new Wallet app


  • Google remove Apps With Misleading Names.
  • Google also announced new store listing preview asset guidelines.
  • Playstore outs new guidelines for better discovery, app quality.

Google has finally decided to do something about misleading app names in the Play Store. The company has announced new policies and guidelines for Android apps. The company basically showed developers how Android apps can / should present themselves in the Play Store.

Google remove apps with misleading names:

“Apps that fail to meet policy requirements or do not submit a Declaration Form may be removed from Google Play. If you change how your app uses these restricted permissions, you must revise your declaration with updated and accurate information.”

The use of CAPS, irrelevant special characters, or emojis will also be prohibited unless the actual name of the app calls for it, like that of PUBG. Google will also limit the length of app titles to 30 characters.

For apps that have to interact with other apps, Google wants developers to use app-discovery APIs instead of just pulling the entire app list.

For instance, an app cannot use graphics or text to indicate ranking, promote deals, incentivize deals, or for any tactics that can be misleading to users. Google remove apps that use :

  • Capitalized fonts unless the brand’s name itself is capitalized,
  • Special character sequences that are irrelevant to the app cannot be used
  • Emoticons and emojis in the app name are also banned.
  • Limiting the length of app titles to 30 characters
  • Prohibiting keywords that imply store performance, promotion in the icon, title, and developer name
  • Eliminating graphic elements that may mislead users in the app icon.

The company says that developers will begin using these new guidelines in the second half of 2021. Google says that apps that don’t meet these guidelines may be ineligible for promotion and recommendation on major Google Play surfaces like Apps and Games home.

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