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Google removed about 4 lakh bad content, received thousands of complaints from users



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Under India’s new IT rule, Google India removed about 4 lakh bad content from the platform in May 2022. The company said that this process has been completed through its automated detection process.

Along with this, Google had received 25,694 complaints regarding content from Indian users. “These complaints pertain to third-party content that is believed to violate local laws or individual rights on the Google Platforms,” ​​the company said.

In May 2022, Google received a total of 25,694 complaints from users. Of these, 24,000 complaints are of copyright infringement.

Google removed around 4 lakh bad content

Google’s monthly report is published as per IT Rules 2021 of India. Under these rules, large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users in the country are required to issue a transparency report every month.

In this report, the platform has to give information about the complaints received every month and the action taken against them. These also include information about content removed by automated detection.

In its May 2022 report, Google states,

“The complaints received include various categories. Some requests allege infringement of intellectual property rights, while others claim violations of local laws restricting types of content on grounds such as defamation.”

As we mentioned earlier, Google received a total of 25,694 complaints from users in May 2022. Of these, 24,000 complaints are of copyright infringement. The company received 433 complaints related to trademarks and 257 complaints related to other legal matters.

Google said that in May 2022, it removed 62,673 parts of bad content that violate community guidelines. The company said that when they receive complaints about the content on their platforms, they assess them very carefully.

Twitter also banned accounts

Twitter has also published its monthly report under the new IT rules. It said that it banned 46,000 Indian accounts between 26 April 2022 and 25 May 2022. The company said that action has been taken against these accounts due to a violation of the guidelines of the platform.

According to the report, Twitter has banned 43,655 accounts due to content such as child sexual abuse and non-consensual nudity. Along with this, 2,870 accounts have been banned for promoting terrorism.

Over 24,000 of these complaints involved copyright infringement, which was followed by trademark infringement (433) and other legal problems (257).

The tech giant removed 62,673 pieces of content that broke community guidelines in response to user complaints.

Google mentioned that when it receives complaints regarding content on its platforms, they assess them carefully.


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