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Google rewards Rs 3.5 lakh to India’s Rony Das for reporting bug in Android





  • Rony Das, who hails from Assam, has won a $5000 reward from Google.
  • He reported a critical bug in Android to Google back in May.
  • Das defines himself as a cyber security expert.

Google has compensated India’s Rony Das for finding and announcing a bug in the Android Foreground Services, which programmers could take advantage of effectively to advance into the telephone and access individual data. Das, who has a place with Assam, got $5,000, which is generally Rs 3.5 lakh, as an award prize from Google for announcing the bug.
Das, who is a network safety master, announced the bug to Google recently in May. As indicated by an email from Google Android Security Team, Das observed the weakness in Android Foreground Services when he ran into specialized issues while making an application for the Android stage.

He reported a critical bug in Android to Google back in May.

“As an acknowledgment of your endeavors, we might want to offer you an optional award of $5000. Kindly note this is a one-time special case for our typical methodology as a thank you for the excellent accommodation and follow up data you gave,” said Google Android Security Team in an email to Das, as per The East Mojo.

As per Das, the bug he found doesn’t conform to the reason for utilizing Android Foreground Services, and his adventure could sidestep the discovery interaction utilizing this weakness. This adventure had the option to get to the telephone’s equipment like camera, receiver, and area from the foundation without illuminating the client or conveying any notice. Subsequent to revealing the weakness to Google, Das was in steady touch with the tech monster, and it was with his assist that With googling had the option to fix the weakness. Das likewise wouldn’t share the specialized subtleties of this weakness, referring to classification from Google.

Das defines himself as a cyber security expert.

Nonetheless, Google has not shared any data about this fix at this point. Along these lines, in the event that you are puzzling over whether this weakness affected your telephone, Google has not thought of a reply. In any case, given the idea of the weakness, the fix might have effectively contacted you like a piece of a backend update or may start being carried out soon.

Das characterizes himself as a digital devotee and his past works remember a bug disclosure for the authority site of Gauhati University. What’s more, his most recent disclosure is significant in light of the fact that it halted the way that programmers might have used to enter telephones secretly. Tech organizations, like Google, Apple, Facebook, offer bug bounties to analysts, engineers, and digital specialists for tracking down bugs so assuming you have the mastery, you could likewise win a prize.

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